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EIDWS - FIRST AID Cheat Sheet by

Objectives of First Aid

1. Save Lives
2. Prevent Further Injury
3. Prevent Infection

Symptoms of Shock

Vacant or Lackluster Eyes
Shallow or Irregular Breathing
Cold Pale Skin
Weak or Absent Pulse

Electrical Shock Treatment

Keep Warm; Do Not Overheat
Keep Head Lower than Feet

Storing HAZMAT

Acids Seperately from Bases
Oxidizers Away from Flammables & Combus­tibles
Compressed Gases Seperately from other HAZMAT
Powders Above Wet materials

Methods of Contro­lling Bleeding

1. Direct Pressure
2. Pressure Points
3. Tourniquet

Electrical Shock Rescue

Shut Off Power
Remove Victim Immedi­ately
Administer CPR
Account for Fractu­res­/Spinal Injuries

What is HAZMAT

Any chemical, physical, biological agent that can cause harm

Contents of the MSDS

Identity, Ingred­ients, Emergency Procedures for Exposure, Date of MSDS, Physical and Chemical Make-up, Reacti­vity, Health Hazards, Precau­tions for Safe Use, Control Measures, Routes of Entry into the Body, Contact Info of Respon­sible Party

Pressure Points

Below Bicep
Base of Neck
Jaw Line
Inner Elbow
Inner Thigh
Behind the Knee

Temper­ature Injuries

Heat Exhaustion
Heat Stress
Heat Stroke


Respir­ators, Hand Protec­tion, Foot Protec­tion, Eye Protec­tion, Face Protec­tion, Skin/Body Protec­tion, Hearing Protection

What is Shock?

A Disruption of the Circul­atory Process

Treatment for Shock

Lay Victim Down
Feet Elevated 6" to 12"
Maintain Body Heat
Reassure and Calm Victim

Methods to Clear Obstructed Airway

Standing Abdominal Thrust
Reclining Abdominal Thrust
Standing Chest Thrust
Reclining Chest Thrust

Improperly Stored HAZMAT

Prolonged Periods of Solvents Contacting Combus­tibles
Liquids above Dry materials
Leaky Containers
Improper Labeling


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