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Six Areas of Naval Doctrine

Command & Control

Battle of Midway

June 3-5, 1942
Turning point in the Pacific War
Yorktown was lost

Sloops of War

Smallest warship
10-20 guns

Apollo 17

December 07-19, 1972
Last Moon landing
Cernan & Evans

USS Pueblo

January 23, 1968
Captured by the North Koreans
Currently Commis­sioned

Navajo Code Talkers

1942 to 1945
Served in all 6 Marine Divisions
Japanese couldn't break the code

USS Stark

May 17, 1987
Attacked by an Iraqi fighter jet
37 died, 21 wounded

3 Levels of War


Office of Naval Intell­igence

March 23, 1882
Founded by SECNAV William H. Hunt
Establ­ished under the Bureau of Navigation to collect intell

Three Classes of Naval Vessels

Ships of the Line
Sloops of War

Battle of Coral Sea

May 7-8, 1942
Japanese defeated thanks to breaking of Japanese Code
Lexington was lost


Fastest ships
28 to 44 guns

Apollo 11

July 16-24, 1969
1st Moon Landing
Neil Armstrong

USS Liberty Attack

June 8, 1967
Attacked by Israelis; Mistaken as Egyptians
34 Killed

Bletchley Park

Site of UK's Gov't Code & Cypher School during WWII
A.K.A. Station X

EC-121 Shoot Down

N. Korean Mig shot down a US EC-121 plane over the SOJ
All 31 crewme­mbers died
April 15, 1969

Sailor's Creed

Blue Ribbon Recruit Training Panel in 1993
Impacts Unity & Esprit de Corps

John Walker

Spied for Russia, 1967 to 1985
Sold Cavitation Inform­ation
Had financial diffic­ulties

2 Depart­ments that Combined to form ONI

1. Office of Intell­igence
2. Dept. of the Library

The 1st Commander in Chief

Essek Hopkins

Battle of Guadal­canal

November 13-15, 1942
Navy policy changed when the Sullivans brothers were lost
687 were lost

Ships of the Line

Largest Ships
64 to 100 guns

Mercury 3

May 5, 1961
1st U.S. manned space flight
Alan B. Shepard


April 12, 1982
First reuseable Space Shuttle - Columbia
All Navy Crew
Young & Crippen

EP-3 Incident

April 01, 2001
Sensitive inform­ati­on/­tools were destroyed
Collision between U.S. EP-3 and PRC Jet

Nat'l Security Act of 1947

Merged Dept. of War & Dept. of Navy
Created the Air Force
Created the CIA

RADM Grace Hopper

Design and develo­pment of COBOL
Invented the compiler

Oldest Intell­igence Agency in the USN

Office Naval Intell­igence

1st Director of Nat'l Intell­igence

John Dimitri Negroponte (2005)

7 Principles of Naval Logistics


Battle of Leyte Gulf

October 23, 1944
Final blow to the Japanese

Gemeni 3

March 23, 1965
1st Two man space mission
John W. Young

On-the­-roof Gang

October1, 1928
Radiomen taught to break Japanese Code
Navy HQ in D.C.

Landing at Inchon

September 15, 1950
Battling highest Tides in the World

Quailites of the Navy/ Marine Corps Team


LT Herman Goldstein

Helped create the 1st working computer, ENIAC (1942)

Lawrence G. Roberts

Created ARPANET (1966)

1st Chief Inform­ation Officer (CIO)

Vivek Kundra (2009)


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