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5 Steps of ORM

Identify Hazards
Assess Hazards
Make Risk Decisions
Implement Controls

Instru­ction # for ORM


What is ORM

A tool to make informed decisions

Mishap and Safety Reporting Instru­ction


Hazard Severities

1. Death, Loss, or Grave Damage
2. Severe Injury, Damage, or Ineffi­cie­ncies
3. Minor Injuries, Damage or Ineffi­cie­ncies
4. Minimal Threat to personal property

A Result of ORM

Increased Operat­ional Readiness by Antici­pating Hazards

Mishap Probab­ilities

A. Likely to Occur Immedi­ately
B. Probably Will Occur in Time
C. May Occur in Time
D. Unlikely to Occur

Purpose of a HAZREP MSG

Assists all leaders in identi­fying causal factors and formul­ating corrective measures to prevent mishap recurrence

Mishap Reporting

Must be submitted within 30 days of mishap occurrence
Web-Enable Safety System
Naval Message

Risk Assessment Codes (RAC)

1. Critical Risk
2. Serious Risk
3. Moderate Risk
4. Minor Risk
5. Negligible Risk

Mishap Probab­ility

Assessment of the likelihood that an accident will occur due to a Hazard

Required Mishap Reports!!

All Class A mishaps
Hospit­ali­zation of 3 or more personnel
On duty DoD Civili­an/­On-Off duty military fatalities
Laser and radio frequency radiation exposures

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