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EIDWS - SPACE Cheat Sheet by

Space Mission Areas

Force Enhanc­ement
Force Applic­ation

Components of EOP

Universal Time
Coordi­nates of the Pole
Celestial Pole Offsets


Relates to Precise Measur­ements and explan­ations of the positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies

Atmosp­heric Drag

Causes Satellite Errors
Results from Expansion of Atmosphere
Atmsophere expands due to Bombarding of charged Particles

Space Situta­tional Awareness - SSA

Current and predictive Knowledge of everything happening in the space enviro­nment relating to space operations

Geosyn­chr­onous Orbit

A satellite that completes one revolution per day (e.g. the moon)
Ineffe­ctive at the Poles
Used for some commun­ica­tions

the Sun

Fueled by Nuclear Fusion
Has the biggest effect on the Space Env't
By-product is Electr­oma­gnetic Radiation
By-product is Electr­ically Charged Particles

Network Synchr­oni­zation

Keeps GPS computers automa­tically updated and on the exact same time

Key Objectives of SSA

Ensure Space Operations and Spacef­light Safety
Implement Int'l Treaties and Agreements
Protect Space Capabi­lities
Protect Military Operations and Nat'l Interests

Disadv­antages of Space ISR

Access Limita­tions
Predic­table Fly-over Schedule
Atmosp­heric Distur­bances & Weather
Admini­str­ative Limita­tions

Polar Orbit

Passes over the Entire surface of the Earth
Imagery Satellites
90 degree inclin­ation

Low Earth Orbit - LEO

150 to 800 miles above the Earth

2 Space Launch Facilities

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Advantages of Space ISR

Coverage of AOIs w/o detection and w/o sanctions
More Precise Targeting
Enhanced Planning from Imagery

Medium Earth Orbit - MEO

22, 300 miles above the Earth
Between LEO and GEO orbits
Offer better Round-trip Time than GEO satellites

Components of SSA

Enviro­nmental Monitoring
Space Common Operating Picture

GPS Satellites

21 Active, 3 Spare
Each contains: Computer, Atomic Clock, Radio
Receiver on the Ground Triang­ulates w/ 3 Satellites

Solar Winds

Stem from the Sun's Corona and are Respon­sible for Geomag­netic Storms that: Knock out Power Grids and cause the Auroras

Global Positi­oning System - GPS

Global Navigation Satellite System

Advantages of GPS

Graceful Degrad­ation
Anti Spoofing

High Earth Orbit - HEO

Higher than 22,300 miles above the Earth
Useful for Commun­ica­tions Satellites

Van Allen Radiation Belts

Impacts Comms Satellites in Geosyn­chr­onous Satellite Orbit

Earth Orient­ation Parameters - EOP

Describes Earth's Irregu­lar­ities due to uneven rotation by providing Earth's rotation as a function of time

Solar Cycle

11 year Cycle
4 year Rise to Maximum
7 year Decline to Minimum


Wireless detection of the physical location of a remote device


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