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About Cheatography

Cheatography is a cheat sheet geenrator and resource - a site for making and sharing quick reference material. Cheat sheets are handy, short and to-the-point pages of the information you most often need to look up.

Now you are here, take a look around at what other people have posted and please add your own content and cheat sheets.

Always Improving

Cheatography is always being worked on and (hopefully) improved. Please get in touch with any ideas, suggestions or problems!

The Birth of Cheatography

In 2005, Dave Child posted a PHP Cheat Sheet on his website. Lots of people seemed to find it useful, so he made another one, this time for CSS. Before long, he had made a bucketload.

Fast forward a few years, and Dave was getting lots of email from people asking how he made his cheat sheets. He decided to make a site to enable people to quickly and easily assemble their own cheat sheets - a cheat sheet generator. And so, Cheatography was born.

It then took him several years to actually make the site, because he kept changing his mind about things.