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SAP on Azure - Value Proposition

SAP RISE on Azure

SAP on Azure - Platform

Enterprise Scale Platform optimized for SAP Workloads
Widest range of HANA Certified VMs (129). More than the GCP and AWS.
Best Infras­tru­cture Resiliency with 99.99% Availa­bility
Azure is the only cloud that offers NetApp storage solution as first party service offering
Forrester TCO study shows +100% ROI by 9 months; 50% reduction in staff and DC costs; faster time to deploy new SAP releases

Advanced Data Analytics and Insights

Compre­hensive data analytics platform designed to work with SAP data & analytics compon­ents.
Virtua­lize, combine and govern SAP data and Azure data via SAP Business Technology Platform data manage­ment.
Combine with cloud techno­logies from Azure Blob, Data Lake and Data Explorer, ML and AI via SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud.
Take advantage of developed use case patterns for combined data platform usage.
Multile Native SAP Connectors for seamless integr­ation - SAP CDC Connector, SAP Table Connector, SAP HANA Connector, SAP ERP/S4HANA Connector.
SAP Data Governance with Azure Purview

SAP RISE on Azure

Proven Platform for SAP workloads - Highest SLA for PCE deploy­ment, Largest range of SAP certified config­ura­tions, Disaster Recovery options spanning Availa­bility Zones
Advanced Data Analytics & Insights - Holistic SAP data analytics, Direct connection and integr­ation with SAP BTP, SAP Data Custodian integr­ation with Azure, Integr­ation of Azure IoT platform.
Enabling Produc­tivity & Collab­oration - Seamless, advanced Microsoft Teams & Office integr­ation with SAP solutions
Unmatched Security & Compliance - SSO/MFA integr­ation, Centra­lized security management ,
Holistic Integr­ation - Integrated EAI, SAP BTP and Azure Services integr­ation patterns, Azure Storage connector for SAP ILM, Secure network integr­ation between SAP and Azure
Unleashed Innovation - Integr­ation with low-co­de/­no-code Microsoft Power Platform, Integr­ation with SAP develo­pment tools and SAP Graph, Support holistic and continuous DevOps innovation with GitHub and Azure services.

SAP on Azure - Security and Compliance

Largest compliance portfolio of any cloud platform, with 90+ intern­ational and indust­ry-­spe­cific certif­ica­tions
$1B annual investment and 3,500 cyber security experts
Azure Active Directory integr­ation with SAP for single sign on with SAP and identity access control
Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides threat monitoring and threat protection for Enterprise workloads
Azure provide unique SIEM solution for SAP Threat protection with Sentinel for SAP.
Strong Partner Ecosystem of certified ISV Solutions for Security and Threat Protection

Extend and Innovate SAP Applic­ations on Azure

Integrate SAP applic­ations with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for produc­tivity and collab­ora­tion.
Use SAP Business Technology Platform to build intell­igent integr­ation and workflows, that connect to Microsoft automation components across non-SAP areas
Joint roadmap for continued innovation and integr­ation to future­-proof your invest­ment.
Unleash innovation with low-co­de/­no-code Microsoft Power Platform for profes­sional and citizen develo­pers.
Support continuous DevOps innovation with GitHub and Azure services.

SAP and Microsoft Partne­rship

Jointly serving our enterprise customers for 25+ years.
Microsoft & SAP run SAP on Azure.
120K internal Microsoft users access SAP on Azure.
SAP migrated 30+ internal business landscapes to Azure.
Extending collab­oration beyond platforms to collab­oration and applic­ation tier.
Joint engine­ering roadmap.
Joint reference archit­ect­ures.
Joint partner ecosystem and Integrated Customer Support.

SAP on Azure - Business Continuity

Native solution for Data protection for SAP NetWeaver and Database with Azure Backup.
Azure Paired region­s(C­ent­ral­/South India) and Availa­bility Zones offer Far DR and Near DR Solution to meet BCDR requir­ements.
Industry leading SLA / RTO-RPO for SAP Workloads. Single VM SLA of 99.9% provided for VMs provis­ioned with Premium SSD.
Availa­bility SLA - 99.95% with AvSet and 99.99% with AvZone based deploy­ment.
Enhanced Applic­ation Availa­bility with Linux Pacemaker (SLES/­RHEL) and Windows Cluster Failover services.
Strong Partner Ecosystem with leading certified ISV solutions for Backup and DR Solutions.

SAP Management on Azure

Azure provides full stack monitoring framework and solution natively using Azure Monitor for SAP.
Azure provides end to end deployment automa­tions using SAP deployment automation framework for faster deployment of SAP Solutions
Azure Center for SAP Solutions (ACSS) - Unique first party service offering number of key technical services such as Quality Checks, Deployment Automa­tion, Cost Manage­ment, Governance under a single management control UI framework.

SAP on Azure - References

SAP on Azure - Social Media



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