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Dungeon: The Necrotic Wake Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "The Necrotic Wake" in Bastion.


Does an ability called [Morbid Fixation] from which you need to run away! Can one shot you. Also, they have long arms. Assistants also cast [Drain Fluids] which needs to be interr­upted.
Casts [Boneflay] at the tank which is a stacking bleed. Can be interr­upted with stuns or other CC stops.
Does an ability called [Gores­pla­tter] which does high AoE damage if not interr­upted. Also casts [Drain Fluids] which is the single target stun covered earlier.
Does an ability called [Throw Cleaver] during which the targeted player needs to move so that the cleaver will hit another mob by putting that mob in the path of the throw. Also does a cast called [Repair Flesh] which is a heal that needs to be interr­upted.
Casts an uninte­rru­ptible DoT called [Clinging Darkness] on a random party member. Lasts for 30s and each second it ticks on a person, it will gain a stack that increases it's damage done. When dispelled it will jump to another person with whatever time is remaining and the stacks will get reset.

Basically dispel on CD until it goes away.
The mob does an ability called [Gut Slice] during which he will turn towards a random party member and cast a melee range frontal which puts a HUGE bleed on any players hit.
Will cast [Drain Fluids] on a party member which stuns them and does big damage. Needs to be interr­upted.
Have a frontal cone cleave - tank needs to face away from group. Also they cast an AoE fear called [Rasping Scream] which needs to be kicked.
Does a [Shatter] ability on the tank which increases the damage from subsequent Shatters. Most groups skip this mob, but if you do pull it you'll need to use BoPs and taunts to keep the tank from getting wrecked by this ability.
Casts lethal chains at two players which requires they move far enough away to break the chains. Does extremely high damage and may kill players before they even have a chance to break the chains in higher keys.

It's recommend to either skip fighting this mob or use one of the anima orbs to prevent mobs from casting.
When the necrom­ancer dies, so do all the other mobs, so single target it down. The mage minion will cast [Frostbolt Volley] which will do a lot of damage if not interr­upted.
Casts [Necrotic Bolt] which leaves a healing absorb on the target. You can either interrupt or heal it off.
This mob stacks a damage increasing debuff on the tank called Tenderize and there's not much you can do about it other than kill it fast and use defensive CDs or kite to try and keep tank alive.
Gains a stacking attack speed buff over time so it will start trucking tank if it lives too long.

Buff Locations

Buff Descri­ptions

Forgotten Forgeh­ammer
Does a large amount of single target damage and stuns non-boss enemies for 8 seconds.
Bloody Javelin
Does damage to any enemies it passes through and increases enemy damage taken by 20% for 16 seconds.
Discharged Anima Orb
Does AoE damage and interrupts enemy spellc­asting for 8 seconds.
Discarded Shield
Reduces damage taken of allies within 8 yards by 50% for 6 seconds.

Kyrian Bonus

There are three Malfun­cti­oning Goliaths in the dungeon which can be repaired by players of the Kyrian covenant by summoning their swoleboy and choosing the option:
"Can you reactivate this goliat­h?"

This will cause 5 orbs to drop which each player can pickup. These orbs radiate AoE damage and healing around them.

Boss: Blightbone

Heaving Retch
Targets a player and FOLLOWS that player. Not dodge-­able. Is a conal AoE that does a lot of damage and spits out 3 worms in the direction it goes. Targeted player should use a personal in Tyrannical weeks.
3 worms will get spit out and each will fixate a random player. If they reach their target they will cast Blood Gorge which enlarges them. After 3 casts of Blood Gorge they will blow up putting a MASSIVE DoT on all players which will almost assuredly cause a wipe. Must CC, kite, and kill them.
Tank buster that does high physical damage. Time active mitigation or personal for this.

Boss: Amarth

Land of the Dead
Summons adds you need to kill.
Final Harvest
If any adds are still alive when he finishes this cast, you wipe.
Necrotic Breath
A spinning AoE breath that you need to avoid. Getting hit leaves a lethal DoT and reduces your healing taken by 50%.
Unholy Frenzy
An enrage which can be dispelled by soothe abilites. Does not have any cast time, so you'll need to keep a lookout for it.

Boss: Stitch­flesh

If targeted with the meat hook, make sure you aim it towards the boss.
The boss will cast a Fixate on a player once he's pulled down off his platform, it can be interr­upted with the Stitch­flesh's meat hook, but otherwise the fixated player needs to run.
After the fixation cast the boss will hit the whole party with Stitch Needles which is a hard hitting DoT.

Boss: Rimebinder

Dark Exile
At 100 energy the boss will send a player down to do a gauntlet where they must dodge ground effects, kill a mob at the end, and then ride an angel back up to the platform.
Dark Exile Debuff
The player that got sent down for Dark Exile will return with a debuff that is stronger the longer it took them to do the lower portion. When this debuff expires it will leave a front patch on the ground who's size is dependent on the stacks of the debuff (the longer you spend downstairs the larger the puddle)
Frozen Binds
A player will get frozen and take damage every 2 seconds while the effect persists. Can be dispelled, but will spread to any players in the circle when you dispel.


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