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Dungeon: Sanguine Depths Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Sanguine Depths" in Revendreth.


Chamber Sentinel
Will do a frontal cone called [Severing Slice] that puts a nasty 10s bleed on anyone hit. Avoid if possible. Also puts swirlies on the ground to avoid.
Depths Warden
No info yet.
Dreadful Huntmaster
Put traps on the ground you'll want to avoid.
Gluttonous Tick
These explode when they die. The longer they are allowed to channel Engorge, the more party damage they deal when they die.
Grand Overseer
Place a debuff on players that reduces damage done by 3% per stack, up to 10 stacks. Also casts chains on players which can be broken by distance.
Head Custodian Javlin
Does a dodge-able tank disorient ability. If it hits the tank, they will lose threat and someone in party will likely die.
Insatiable Brute
Just does AoE party damage. Be careful about pulling multiple of these at once.
Noble Skirmisher
Does an [Animate Weapon] weapon ability which you'll want to interrupt with a stun/k­noc­kback, etc.
Regal Mistdancer
Does a frontal called [Echoing Thrust] which each time it's cast not only hits his current frontal direction, but also any previous locations he cast it from. So just face him into walls and slowly move him or move him in a circle so dps can stand safe in the center.
Research Scribe
No info yet.
Wicked Oppressor
Casts [Wrack Soul] which just damages a random party member. The bigger issue, and what you want to kick, is [Curse of Suppre­ssion] which will be a big problem for your casters or healer.

Venthyr Bonus: Lantern

You'll see some red lanterns throughout the dungeon which can be activated by a Venthyr covenant player. Any mobs which die within ~20 yards of it during the 20s activation period cause it to gain stacks. After finishing activa­tion, the party will get a 1 minute buff with stacks equal to the amount of mobs which died. Each stack gives 5% increased damage and 5% increased healing.

Boss: Kryxis Boss

Interrupt [Hungering Drain] cast.
[Vicious Headbutt] will knock back the tank. Careful about positi­oning.
[Jugge­rnaut Rush] targets a player and has it's damage reduced for each party member hit before it reaches the target (group soak).
At 100 energy the boss will cast [Severing Smash] which causes all players to drop orbs. Need to move away from the boss to drop these. If the boss gets them he gets healed and gets a damage buff. Players can soak the orbs.
(On the beta, you could LOS the Severing Smash and avoid spawning an orb. Will probably get fixed.)

Boss: Executor Tarvold

Adds > Boss.
Warning: Adds leave puddles when they die.
[Sinto­uched Anima] will cause a couple orbs to rotate around the sides of the room in opposite direct­ions. Move the boss a little ways down the hall so you don't get them overla­pping at the same time, then after an orb passes, move to the side of the hallway it was on. After the next orb passes, then move back. Rinse and repeat.
Boss' [Casti­gate] will do heavy damage on its target, as well as any other targets within 8 yards. Shadowmeld will interrupt it. Immunes are also worth using if you get targeted.

Boss: Grand Proctor Beryllia

[Iron Spikes] will do heavy tank damage.
When the boss does [Rite of Supremacy] players need to collect golden orbs. Tank should aim for grabbing 2, others players 3, to reduce the damage when it hits.
[Endless Torment] happens after Rite, and is an AoE tantrum ability. There are swirlies you have to dodge, but there will be very heavy group damage even if you dodge them.

Boss: General Kaal

This boss starts out as part of a gauntlet where you have to engage trash with him down some hallways.
Kaal phases at 90%, 80%, and 70% health.
If he reaches 100 energy, he will do a 1-shot ability that needs to be mitigated with the shield the tank picks up. If you push him to a phase breakpoint before he hits 100 energy, you can skip this.


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