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Dungeon: Spires of Ascension Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Spires of Ascension" in Bastion.


Dark Praetor
Jumps around away from the tank, and when he's outside of melee range of the tank he casts single target magic nuke at the tank.
Can do a frontal thing, avoid. Puts a heavy magic DoT on the tank, healer needs to dispel. Also puts a non-di­spe­llable damage debuff that does AoE damage to party members around you when it expires, so watch your range if you get it.
Forsworn Castigator
Spam casts an ability called [Dark Lash] which does heavy single target damage on whatever random party member they cast it on. It also casts another ability that is a dispel­lable DoT.
Forsworn Champion
Has a weapon that once he equips it should be purged­/spell stolen to make him drop it. Tank can then pick up the weapon by running over it.
Forsworn Goliath
Does an ability called [Rebel­lious Fist] which does party-wide AoE that needs to be interr­upted or it might 1-shot everyone on high fortified keys. On ~12-16s CD, so needs two people to rotate kicking it.
Forsworn Inquisitor
Seems to cast the same stuff as the Castig­ator. So single target nuke in [Dark Lash] and a dispel­lable DoT in [Burden of Knowledge].
Forsworn Mender
Has a buff that can be purged­/spell stolen which makes it drop its weapon on the ground. The weapon can then be picked up by a party member (usually the tank). Also casts a heal called [Forsworn Doctrine] you can kick.
Forsworn Squad Leader
Has an aura that reduces allies damage taken by 75%. Have to kill it first. Has a frontal cleave with long length but narrow width.
Forsworn Usurpers
These supposedly have a decently powerful ranged attack, but weak melee attacks. The strat is to LOS behind the pillar near them and make them run to you. Tagging one will make all on a side come.
Forsworn Vanguard
They do a frontal cleave attack that follows the tank (so no dodging it).

Devos Pre-Trash (Mini Bosses)

Note: You need 87.37% count before you take the angels upward after the 3rd boss.
The trash before the last boss is in the form of 3 mini bosses.
Killing a mini boss will heal the others and give the killed mini boss' ability to the remaining ones.
There is a short window of time in which you can kill two mini bosses at once before they heal.
Does an ability called [Charged Spear]. Will throw a spear at a party member's location (can target anyone but the tank) which pulses out orbs. The spear will shoot in 4 directions based on it's orient­ation. By keeping range and melee stacked in a nice vertical line (and moving the boss as necessary) you can ensure these always fire in a consistent direction and avoid them.
Does a frontal cleave. Just face away from the group.

Kyrian Bonus

There are three spears that Kyrians can pick up off dead angels called the Spear of Destiny (but I believe you can only really pickup two because of the optional paths). This item stuns everything for 10s and makes all mobs take 20% increased damage. Works on both mini-b­osses and Inspired mobs.

Kyrian Bonus: Dead Angel Example


Boss: Kin-Tara

Two target fight. The bird will move around as it wishes, the tank should move the boss over to the bird for cleave.
The boss does a frontal cleave.
The bird shoots out projec­tiles in like an 180 degree arc.
Need to position boss so melee won't get hit by bird, but boss won't cleave them.
Don't run through the beam between the boss and the bird, will leave a heavy DoT on you.
During the interm­ission, the boss will target a player with a blue arrow and throw a spear at them. They need to move away from other players because it's a 5 yard AoE. It will also leave a void zone.

Boss: Ventunax

Tank the boss on the edges of the circle facing outside.
Dodge the boss' frontal.
The boss will dash to players, doing damage and leaving behind a Shadowhirl (void shooting zone). Possible there could be an optimal placement by having party members stand in certain spots?
Supposedly the boss puts physical bleeds on players. It can be BoPed off if you have a paladin.

Boss: Oryphrion

Does a stomp on the tank, so don't be in the center of the boss' hitbox. Tank wants to be away from other players.
When the boss targets players with [Empyreal Ordinance] (will put blue markers on everyone's heads) everyone should stack up. It will leave void zones.
Move the boss out of the blue void zones or he gets buffed.
When the boss runs out of energy he takes 100% increased damage.
Someone will need to soak the orbs before they reach the boss during the burn phase. Each orb soaked will do an 8 yard AoE.

Boss: Devos

At 70% and 30% the boss will enter an interm­ission in which you'll need to collect anima and put in into the collector thing, then shoot the boss down out of the air.
The boss will period­ically put a magic damage debuff on two people. It ticks for moderate damage and leave a void zone when dispelled. The healer should probably dispel these ASAP.
Abyssal Detonation
Devos will create a bomb with an expanding circle. When it explodes it will kill any players not protected.
Archon's Bastion
To avoiding dying to Abyssal Detona­tion, players need to get into the safe area created by an NPC.


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