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Dungeon: De Other Side Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "De Other Side" in Ardenweald.


4-RF 4-RF
Casts an ability called [Woof] which targets a player and stuns them and any other players closeby.
[Pacifying Mists] leaves a zone on the ground that pacifies any players standing inside so they can't cast anything. Move the mobs out of it.
Bladebeak Hatchlings
Cast [Frigh­tened Cries] which if it goes off calls all the mommy and daddy birds to help. The parents will get enraged when the Bladebeaks die and will likely result in a wipe as the tank gets globaled.
They stack a bleed on everyone in melee. They do a nasty Bladestorm that can 1 shot people. When they die they turn into ghosts which can't be CCed and can 1 shot people, and have long arms.
If they finish casting devoted sacrifice, they turn in to Sons of Hakkar which have more health, spam cast [Blood Nova] which does stacking AoE, and leave a giant pool of blood when they die that does insane damage. Need to CC the Devoted and kill them without letting them finish the cast.
Will cast [Haywire] which does high AoE damage. LoS to avoid it.
Headless Clients
These spin which does massive damage. Either stun them or get out.
Casts [Lubri­cate] which does high AoE damage, so kick it. It also casts a self heal [Self Cleaning Cycle] you'll need to interrupt.
Cast a stacking debuff that requires you jump to avoid getting stunned.
Will cast [Erupting Darkness] which does a powerful knockback and will likely knock you off the platform.
Does a couple dangerous things. The masks it summons you just avoid. The bigger problem is the [Rage] ability which is an uninte­rru­ptible 1.5s cast followed by a 6 second uninte­rru­ptible channel that does massive AoE damage.
Talons Dragon
Casts [Wailing Grief] which fears anyone in melee range (and can't be avoided with Cloak or AMS).
Will cast [Undying Rage] which is an enrage effect and also makes him unkill­able. Soothe it.

Boss: Hakkar

Blood Barrier
At 100 energy the boss will cast this ability which does AoE damage. Just make sure the party is topped.
Corrupted Blood
Goes out on two people, and spreads to anyone within the red circles. Does moderate ticking damage. (SPREAD OUT)
Piercing Barb
A tank buster that does two hits, one physical and one magical. Make sure tank is topped.
Sons of Hakkar
Adds that come out and fixate on someone. Stun and burst them down. They leave pools when they die.

Boss: Manastorms

Echo Finger Lazer X-treme
Two players get marked and need to stand so that Millhouse is between them. This will spawn a ground effect that stuns Millhouse and interrupts [Diabo­lical Doom] (a bad thing that wipes you)
Power Overwh­elming
Millhouse summons a power crystal, which channels towards Millhouse, affecting players or Millhouse, whichever it strikes first.

Power Overwh­elming affects players by inflicting 117 Arcane damage every 1 sec and increasing damage done by 2% for 3 sec. This effect stacks.
A player will get targeted with a purple circle which they need to position to stun the boss, but not other players. Use a personal because it hurts when it goes off. The tank needs to use this stun to reset bleed stacks.
Squirrel Bomb
Need to be clicked to disarm before they explode.
Throw Buzz Saw
Millif­icent stacks a bleed on the tank.

Boss: Xy'exa

Explosive Contri­vance
When the boss casts this ability EVERYONE should get in an orb and go up into the air to avoid damage.
Localized Explosive
Is a bomb put on a player. They need to jump into a Displa­cement Trap when the bomb is about to go off so it blows up in the air.

Boss: Mueh'zala

Cosmic Artifice
A debuff gets put on all players that later turns into a bomb on the ground when it expires or is dispelled.
Master of Death
The boss will do a large attack that hits the:
Right side of the platform
Left size of the platform
Front of the platform
Watch his hands to see where he's hitting. After this is over the tank needs to be sure to get into melee range quick or else the boss will AoE the raid if he can't melee anyone.
Shatter Reality
When the boss spawns the portals, click one quickly and kill the add it takes you to. After killing 4 adds and clicking the totems chaining Bwomsandi, he will effect­ively kill the boss for you.


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