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Dungeon: Halls of Atonement Cheat Sheet by

A Shadowlands WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Halls of Atonement" in Revendreth.


Depraved Collector
Casts [Collect Sins] which spawns enemies. Also [Siphon Life] heal.
Depraved Darkblade
Do a frontal called [Deadly Thrust] which can be sidest­epped or out-ra­nged.
Depraved Houndm­aster
Will cast [Loyal Beasts] at like 40-50% health which buffs the Gargons and makes them huge.
Depraved Oblite­rator
Cast [Curse of Oblite­ration] which puts a curse debuff on a player which does big AoE damage when it expires. Kick or dispel.
Shard of Halkias
Mini-b­osses that do a [Thrash] ability which does very high AoE damage. Will need personals or healing CDs on high fortified.
Stoneborn Evisce­rator
Will teleport out and hit a ranged player.
Stoneborn Reaver
Does a [Turn to Stone] ability you need to avoid or it turns you to stone for 8s. Can be dispelled. Has frontal cleave.
Stoneborn Slasher
Will alternate turning to stone (won’t aggro). They have a debuff with a timer you can look at. Does [Powerful Swipe] frontal cleave, which can be ranged by the tank.
Toiling Ground­skeeper
Just do a melee range [Smack] which does magic damage on the tank.
Viscous Gargon
Will transform into large bears that hit the tank HARD. They also put a bleed on the tank.

Venthyr Bonus

There are gargoyles named “Loyal Stoneborn” around the dungeon which can be tamed by Venthyr covenant players via an extra action button that pops up when they are near the mob. Supposedly you need to be in combat with other mobs to tame it. It will help you fight, and provide the party with a 10% reduced damage taken buff.

Boss: Halkias

There are three shards of Halkias (mini bosses) around the starting area you must defeat to fill up the anima bar before you can engage the first boss.
Note: There is a delay after killing a miniboss for the bar to fill up. The boss is good to be pulled when the 3 npcs channeling on him are dead.
Use active mitigation on the [Crumbling Slam] smashes as a tank.
Avoid standing in the [Glass Shard] pools which the @tank [Crumbling Slam] and @ranged [Heave Debris] will leave on the ground.
The boss will alternate doing pools on the tank, and pools on a ranged player, starting with the tank.

Boss: Echelon

[Stone Call] summons 6 imps which you want to stack up and kill.
When the imps die (turn to stone) they will do AoE damage to the party.
Upon reaching 100 energy the boss will cast [Curse of Stone] on the whole party which puts a slow and turns everyone to stone after like a second.
Right after cursing everyone the boss will cast [Stone Shattering Leap] which targets a player. That player needs to stand where the imps are stacked up because this ability will perman­ently kill the imps.
The players NOT targeted with the leap need to move out of the landing zone.
If you have a curse dispel, dispel the person targeted with the leap so they can position it easier.
The damage from the leap can be avoided by using a movement ability at the last second (blink, disengage, etc).

Boss: High Adjudi­cator Aleez

[Bolt of Power] is a tank hit that should be interr­upted as much as possible.
When Ghastly Parish­ioner comes out, make it run into a lantern if it fixates on you.
Make sure interrupt [Volley of Power] to avoid AoE damage.
Tank the boss next to a lantern so if melee are targeted, they don’t lose boss uptime.

Mini-boss: Inquisitor Sigar

Adds > mini-boss. Sigar will full heal anytime he consumes one of the tormented souls.
Manife­station of Envies will fixate, just an fyi.

Boss: Lord Chambe­rlain

[Stigma of Pride] is an uninte­rru­ptible bleed that will do high damage on the tank.
When boss does [Telek­inetic Toss], look at the HEAD on the statue and which way it’s facing, that’s the way it will be tossed.
When boss does [Telek­inetic Onslaught], players should run out to avoid getting hit by statues when they get sucked into the boss.
After the statues are sucked in, players should move to avoid getting hit when they are pushed back out.
When the boss does [Ritual of Woe] everyone needs to stand between a statue and the boss. The tank can soak two if they stand inside the boss’ hitbox.
Obvious: run out for [Erupting Torment].
Obvious: run out of conal [Unleashed Suffering]


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