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Dungeon: Mists of Tirna Scithe Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Mists of Tirna Scithe" in Ardenweald.


Spam cast [Volatile Acid] which is a hard hitting DoT on a player that also damages any other players in close proximity. Can be stopped with hard CC.
At 50% health they channel an uninte­rru­ptible skill called [Furious Thrashing] which does high party-wide damage. On higher keys it might be worth staggering when they hit 50% to prevent a wipe.
Does a channeled AoE called [Harvest Essence] which just needs to interr­upted.
Will charge a random player and apply a poison DoT. Don't stand too far from group to keep them stacked.
Cast an ability called [Bramb­lethorn Coating] which shields a mob, and when you break the shield all players get rooted and it does a fair bit of damage to everyone. Needs to be interr­upted.
Cast a stacking curse that increases damage taken. They jump and do a 4yd AoE, so loosely stack to keep them in place but not cleave your party.
Have a buff that needs to be dispel­led­/purged before they die or else the whole party will get a stacking curse that increases damage taken by 10% per stack and lasts 30 seconds. Druid & Shaman healers should dispel tank.
Cast [Stimulate Regene­ration] and [Stimulate Resist­ance] which should be interr­upted.
Cast an uninte­rru­ptible ability called [Mistvale Bite] that will make them leave to a target and do lots of damage, also leaving a large bleed. This needs to be stunned or interr­upted with hard CC. Can 1-shot on high fortified keys.
Cast an uninte­rru­ptible ability called [Anima Injection] which puts a magic debuff on a target that needs to be dispelled or else the player will probably die.
Cast an ability called [Nourish the Forest] which is a heal that needs to be interr­upted.
Does a frontal blast AoE called [Bewil­dering Pollen]. Also does a single target channel called [Overg­rowth] on a random dps which will do high damage and leave the dps stunned at the end of the channel. Can be feigned, invis'ed, etc.

Night Fae Bonus

If you have a player from the Night Fae covenant in your group, you can unlock a couple bonuses for the dungeon:

- Right before the first boss there is a blocked off area that can be unlocked to provide your party access to some mushroom buffs. The "­Savory Stat Shroom­" gives 10% primary stat for 10 minutes.
- Right after the first boss, before you head into the maze, there will be an acorn looking thing on the left, which can be activated to update the respawn point for your party so you don't have to run back from the beginning of the dungeon.


The first door can be known by paying attention to which way the little moth dude flies through. After that you have to check the icons. The correct door is the one next to a symbol that has one completely unique attribute.

General Examples:
- The only one that is a flower, or is a leaf
- The only one with a circle around it, or without a circle
- The only one that is full of color, or not full of color

Maze Example #1

The correct door would be the one with the circle around it, since there's only one that has a circle.

Maze Example #2

The corret door would be the one with the flower, since there's only one flower.

Boss: Malach

Attack the tree first, defeating him stuns the boss and makes the boss take 3x damage for a short time.
If you fail to kill the tree fast enough, he will start doing AoE to the group.
Kick the boss' Spirit Bolt casts.
Avoid the frontal blast from the tree.
Dodge ground stuff.

Boss: Mistcaller

Patty Cake
This ability can ONLY be interr­upted by the player targeted (USUALLY the tank). If they fail to interrupt, good chance of dying (it hits hard) or otherwise causing a wipe because it disorients and a tank getting hit will mean they lose aggro.
Freeze Tag
Summons a fox to chase a random player. If it comes into contact with any players it causes high AoE damage and freezes any players nearby for 10s. The fox can be CCed (druid Hibernate works), killed, or soaked with an immunity.

Boss: Tred'ova

Acid Expulsion
Each time the boss casts this, she will fire an additional projec­tile. The first time it will be 1 acid, the second 2 acids, the third 3 acids, etc. The circles target directions you've dodged previo­usly, so try to not move too much to keep them from getting too crazy. Only move to dodge as much as you need to.
Mind Link
Links players together and you have to run away from the linked person to break it.
They adds fixate a player and need to be slowed­/CCed until the fixate drops and the tank can get aggro, or else until they are dead. They blow up when they die and leave void zones on the ground.
Parasites will spawn that CC a dps.
The first will pacify a dps.
The second will stun a dps.
The third and onward will MC a dps.
Burst down any parasites that do spawn... but better to avoid them by pushing interm­iss­ions.
- Boss has interm­ission phases at both 70% and 40% health.
- In the interm­ission she channels [Consu­mption] which just does AoE damage to players that you heal through and does nothing else.
- The season 1 big strat will be using Prideful to push her from interm­ission to interm­ission and avoid all the bad stuff she normally does.


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