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Container ships by

Key features

- Based on the transport of standa­rdized boxes
- Often called ”box ships”
- 60% of the world trade is contai­nerized (in value)
- The fastest growing segment in shipping
- FCL [Full container load]
- LCL [Less than container load]

The beauty of container shipping

- Standa­rdi­zation
- Permits door-t­o-door service
- No interm­ediate handling at transs­hipment points
- Low risk for cargo damage
- Quick transit
- Possib­ility to ration­alize fleet
- Facili­tates maximum use of modern integrated computer systems

Container types

- Dry storage
- Bulk
- High cube
- Tank
- Ventilated
- Open top
- Insulated
- Insulated
- Flat rack
- Refrig­erated [Reefer]


- 1780s, for horse and carriage, military equipment
- 1830s, boxes shipped across continents
- Transp­orters, military container
- Conex container
- Malcom McLean

Container logistics

- Hubs –relay ports – primary ports
- Sea – land interface
- Scale of operation


- Empty containers
- Containers falling off
- Piracy

World general cargo trade

Container fleet size develo­pment

Develo­pment of container ships

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