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Tiny Frontiers Rules Overview Cheat Sheet by

Rules overview cheatsheet for the Tiny Frontiers TTRPG

How to Resolve Tests

Normal Roll
Roll 2d6, any 5 or 6 means success
Advantage Roll
Roll 3d6, any 5 or 6 means success
Roll 1d6, any 5 or 6 means success
Special Situation
Disadv­antage always supersedes advantage even if you have have traits that would grant you advantage
The only exception to Disadv­antage overruling "in every case" is if you're using certain Xenotech, which may give you advantage no matter the situation
SAVE Tests
Roll the same as a typical test, including dis/ad­vantage options

Damage and Death

Weapon Damage
Unless otherwise stated, all attaacks do 1 point
6 hours of sleep restores all HP, otherwise, 1 hour of sleep regains 1 HP
At 0 HP, you are down and can do nothing. Immedi­ately make a Save Test on your turn. Success = you're up with 1 HP. If you fail, you get one more SAVE TEST on your next turn at Disadv­antage. Failure = immediate irrevo­cable death
A Nearby Ally can try to stabilize you before final death. They make a SAVE Roll, on a success, you are up with 1 HP
Hiding or Sneaking
Standard 2d6 test, assuming you have something to hide behind or sneak around


Simple Xenotech
healing kits, etc. Usually labeled or recogn­izable
Complex Xenotech
Usually requires a Standard roll to recognize or use

Character Generation

Choose a Heritage
... Choose one type of WEAPON to have MASTERY with (ex, you are PROF with Light Melee, you choose Laser Swords as your Mastery
Select a FAMILY TRADE : This is a background that grants you ADVANTAGE when you can use it in a situation
Select a BELIEF
Star with 10 Credits and some armor (armor has no mechanic effect, it's just for flair - prices are on page 46


Each partic­ipant rolls 2d6, adds the results up. Combat goes in order from highest to lowest rolls
Two actions per round. Movement is an action
Actions are "­ope­n", so you can move twice, or attack twice, either counts as two actions, unlike other games where you only get one move action and one standard action. You get to choose what each of your two actions is
Un/hol­stering weapons, handing an item to someone, grabbing a dropped item, etc count as an action
By default, you can move 25ft (5 sq on a typical grid)
A basic attack is a 2d6 TEST if you're proficient with the weapon
If you have MASTERED the weapon you're using, you roll with advantage (3d6)
If you are not PROFICIENT with the weapon, roll with disadv­antage (1d6)
A successful attack normally does ONE (1) point of damage
Focus Action
Spend one action Focusing. Your next attack succeeds on a 4, 5, or 6
The Focus effect is active until you attack, or the combat is over.
Spend one action on Evading. Until the start of your next turn, when you're hit by an attack, roll 1d6. On a successful test (5 or 6), you dodge the incoming damage.
Suppre­ssing Fire
Spend an action. Declare the area you're suppre­ssing. Any time a target moves into that area, roll an attack against them at disadv­antage (1d6)
Take Cover
Spend an action to move behind cover. All enemy attacks coming from one direction are at disadv­antage.

Depletion Points

All items, including weapons, have a DEPLETION rating that starts at 6.
After using the item in a scene, or after using it in combat, roll a d6. On a 1, reduce its Depletion score by 1. At 0 Depletion, the item is used up. Some items can be reloaded or recharged.

Weapon Types

Weapon Type
Light Melee
Heavy Melee
Two handed, has 10' of reach
Light Ranged
One Handed
Heavy Ranged
Two Handed, only roll Ammo once per mission
Ranged Ammo: roll a standard test after each combat (except for Heavy Ranged). On a failure, you're out of Ammo.

You can share ammo with an ally, but from then on, you both roll Ammo with disadv­antage

Optional Rule: Combat Zones

Can attack with any type of melee weapon, and light ranged
Can attack with Heavy Melee and any ranged weapon
Can attack with any Ranged weapon
Psionics or Xenotech
Can attack from any zone
When combat starts, the enemies are considered to be in the CLOSE zone.

One action can be spent to move one zone.

Character Progre­ssion

Minimal / Quick format
Just take a new TRAIT every THREE sessions
XP based
GM grants 1-3 XP per session
6 XP buys a permanent +1 to your HP
8XP gets you a new Proficient or Mastered Weapon
10 XP grants a new TRAIT


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