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Dragonbane rules I will forget

Dragon­s/D­emons - Combat

Dragon (Natural 1)
Demon (Natural 20) - roll a d6 below
Roll double damage die (but not STR bonus or AGL bonus die)
1. You drop your weapon - picking it back up is an ACTION
Make a second attack at another adjacent target as a free action
2. Enemy gets a FREE ATTACK immedi­ately. You cannot PARRY or DODGE it
Your attack ignores target's ARMOR - this requires you're using a PIERCING weapon
3. Your weapon sinks so deep into something near the target. Roll STR next round to pull it out
4. You accide­ntally toss your weapon 1d3+3 meters. You must MOVE to it, and spend an ACTION to pick it up
5. You slam your weapon into a hard surface like floor/wall damaging it. All attacks with it take a BANE until it's repaired by an ARTISAN
6. You injure yourself, do your weapon's DAMAGE to YOURSELF but do not roll a DMG BONUS on it

Dragon­/Demon in Ranged

Dragon (natural 1)
Demon (Natural 20) - roll a d6 on list below
Same options as Melee
1. Drop your weapon - action to pick it up
2. You run out of arrows and need to gather or buy more to use your bow. Re roll on this list for thrown weapons or slings
3. You hit a valuable or important nearby item (GM decides what)
4. You damage the weapon. Take a BANE on all uses until it is repaired by an ARTISAN
5. You hit a random friend/foe nearby. Roll damage and bonus
6. You somehow wound yourself, roll damage without a bonus

Dragon­s/D­emons using Magic

Dragon (Nat 1)
Demon (Nat 20)
Damage or range of spell is doubled
Roll on table on p.60 of rulebook
The spell does not cost any WP
You can immedi­ately cast another spell, but take a BANE on the roll

Special Attacks

Your weapon skill vs enemy Evade. If your weapon has Topple Tag, you get a BOON. Success = enemy knocked down. Foes with more than 2 legs cause you to take a BANE on the roll. A topple attempt cannot be dodged or parried
Opposed rolls between weapon types. Cannot be DODGED or PARRIED. If enemy weapon is 2-handed, you take a BANE. Success = enemy weapon lands 1d6M away
Opposed BRAWLING roll, cannot be DODGED or PARRIED. On failed roll, attacker (you) fall to the ground. On success, you both fall but you have enemy in your grip and they cannot do anything but try to break free via another opposed BRAWLING roll (free action for enemy) You, likewise can't do anything during the grapple

Sneak Attack

To close the distance to melee range, make a SNEAK roll with a BANE
If you fail, enemy sees you, start INITIATIVE
If success - you choose your INIT card, get a BOON on the attack, and target cannot parry or dodge
Subtle weapon does one extra die of weapon damage


- If you or an enemy tries to disengage, they must roll EVADE. Failure means the enemy gets a free attack immedi­­ately.
_ The free attack is also triggered if they move PAST you during their movement (an INTERCEPT type attack)
Disengage and Intercept attacks cannot be blocked or parried


All melee weapons except piercing weapons (page 73) and Subtle weapons get a bane on all rolls.
Whenever you move, you must make an ACROBATICS roll (not an action). Failure means that you fall over and lose the rest of your movement this round.
Dimly Lit
Imposes a bane on all ranged attacks

Encumb­­rance - Total available is = 1/2 STR

- Backpacks give you a +2 to encumb­­rance carrying capacity. You can never have more than 1 backpack
- Arrows and slings­­tones are not counted. A quiver of arrows is 1 unit of encumb­­rance total. You must have a quiver to use arrows, but do not need one for slings­­tones. Do not need to track stones
- Torch, lanterns, lamps all count as 1 encumb­­rance
- Four ration units = 1 encumb­­rance
- Helmet and Armor, if worn, don't count
- Small items don't count, nor do your 3 weapons at the ready

Demons - Dragons - General Rolls

You impress those watching you
You harm yourself or some other ally/NPC
You achieve more than intended
You make a fool of yourself
The action is performed faster than normal
You make a lot of noise

Spell Costs

Tricks cost 1 WP and automa­tically succeed. They can't be boosted
Spells cost 2WP, and 2WP per level of boosting. Roll vs. Spellc­asting. Max boost is level 3


Death Saves
On your turn in each subsequent round, you must make a death roll – a roll against your CON. The death roll cannot be pushed - After three successful death rolls you recove­rAfter three failed death rolls, your player character dies.
Additional dmg
If you suffer additional damage while at zero HP, it automa­tically counts as a failed death roll.
Another player character within 10 meters and earshot can PERSUADE you to rally and keep fighting despite having zero HP. This counts as an action. If you rally, you can continue acting as normal, but must keep making death rolls as described above. You can even try to rally yourself, rolling against your WIL with a bane (instead of PERSUA­SION)
Saving Life
When you have zero HP, another person next to you can save your life with a successful HEALING roll. Without bandages, they get a bane to the roll. This counts as an action. Multiple attempts are allowed. If the roll succeeds, you stop making death rolls and recover D6 HP.
Instant Death
You don’t record negative HP, but if a single attack reduces your HP to a negative score equal to your full HP, your player character dies instantly.
Permanent Injury
If you go to 0 hp and recover, you suffer a permanent injury. Roll on the table on page 51


* Whenever you roll a DEMON or DRAGON using a SKILL, tick the box next to it
* Roll vs the ticked SKILLS. If you roll OVER the current value, increase the SKILL by 1 point
* The GM can give out up to 5 XP per SESSION
* If you overcame a WEAKNESS, you gain two ADVANC­EMENT MARKS. You lose the WEAKNESS and must play a whole adventure without one, before choosing (if you want) a new WEAKNESS
* To learn a new SCHOOL of MAGIC, you must have the MAGIC TALENT HEROIC ABILITY, then spending a week with a teacher of that school. Roll vs INT. If you succeed, you gain that SCHOOL at your INT base level.
* Non magicians can also learn schools of magic via a traine­r/t­eacher. Follow the above rules
* To learn new SPELLS in your school, you can learn from:
- Grimoires: To learn spells from these, roll vs LANGUAGES
- Teachers: They can help you learn a spell they know (for a $$ cost). Spend one SHIFT and ADVANC­EMENT MARK learning. Roll vs INT with a BOON. Success = you learn the spell. Failure means you will have to spend time and money to try again. Also, a learned spell cannot be used until the end of the current session.
* You gain a new HEROIC ABILITY when a SKILL reaches 18. You choose the ABILITY


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