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Nmap Basic Commands

Nmap Fundam­entals

Listing open ports on a remote host
nmap [target]
Exclude a host from scan
nmap --exclude [excluded ip] [target]
Use custom DNS Server
nmap --dns-­servers [DNS1]­,[DNS2] [target]
Scan - no ping targets
nmap -PN [target]
Scan - no DNS resolve
nmap -n [target]
Scan specific port
nmap -p80 [target]
Scan an IPv6 target
nmap -6 [target]

Scanning Port Ranges

Scan specific port list
nmap -p 80,443,23 [target]
Scan specific port range
nmap -p 1-100 [target]
Scan all ports
nmap -p- [target]
Scan specific ports by protocol
nmap -p T:25,U:53 [target]
Scan by Service name
nmap -p smtp [target]
Scan Service name wildcards
nmap -p smtp* [target]
Scan only port registered in Nmap services
nmap -p [1-65535] [target]

Scanning Large Networks

Skipping tests to speed up long scans
nmap -T4 -n -Pn -p- [target]
No Ping
No reverse resolution
No port scanning
Timing Templates Arguments
Scanning is not supposed to interfere with the target system
Recomm­ended for broadband and Ethernet connec­tions
Normal Scan Template
Not Recomm­ended
-T5 or T1 or T0

Nmap Specifics

Select Interface to make scans
nmap -e [INTER­FACE] [target]
Save as text file (export)
nmap -oN [filename] [target]
Save as xml (export)
nmap -oX [filename] [target]
Save as all supported file types
nmap -oA [fil­e­name] [target]
Period­­ically display statistics
nmap –stats­­-every [time] [target]

Finding alive hosts

Default ping scan mode
nmap -sP [target]
Discov­ering hosts with TCP SYN ping scans
nmap -sP -PS [target]
Specific Port using TCP SYN ping scans
nmap -sP -PS80 [target]
Ping No arp
nmap -sP --send-ip [target]
IP Protocol ping scan (IGMP, IP-in-IP, ICMP)
nmap -sP -PO [target]
ARP Scan
nmap -sP -PR [target]

Finger­pri­nting services of a remote host

Display service version
nmap -sV [target]
Set probes
nmap -sV --vers­ion­-in­tensity 9 [target]
Aggressive detection
nmap -A [target]
Trou­b­le­­sho­­oting version scans
nmap -sV –versi­­on­-­trace [target]
Perform a RPC scan
nmap -sR [target]

Finger­pri­nting the operating system of a host

Detect Operating System
nmap -O [target]
Guess Operating System
nmap -O -p- --ossc­an-­guess [target]
Detect Operating System (Verbose )
nmap -O -v [target]
Listing protocols supported by a remote host
nmap -sO [target]
Discov­ering stateful firewalls by using a TCP ACK scan
nmap -sA [target]

Nmap Scripting Engine

Execute individual scripts
nmap –script [scrip­­t.nse] [target]
Execute scripts by category
nmap –script [category] [target]
Trou­b­le­­shoot scripts
nmap –script [script] –scrip­­t-­trace [target]
Update the script database
nmap –scrip­­t-­u­p­datedb
Script catego­­ries
auth broadcast dos default discovery external intrusive malware safe version vuln

Nmap Examples

Detect Service versions and OS
nmap -sV -O [target]
Detect Web Servers
nmap -sV --script http-title [target]
Scan top common ports
nmap --top-­ports 10 [target]
Discover host using Broadcast pings
nmap --script broadc­ast­-ping
Getting inform­ation from whois records
nmap --script whois [target]
Brute force DNS records
nmap --script dns-brute [target]
Scan a firewall for MAC address spoofing
nmap -v -sT -PN --spoo­f-mac [Mac Address] [target]
Run all scripts in the vuln category
nmap -sV --script vuln [target]
Run the scripts in the categories version or discovery
nmap -sV --scri­pt=­"­ver­sio­n,d­isc­ove­ry" [target]
Sniffer Detect
nmap -sP --script sniffe­r-d­etect [target]


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