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Robocopy Top Parameters


Robocopy [Sourc­eDir] [Desti­nat­ionDir] [/Options]

Simple Copy

Robocopy "­­D:­­\F­ol­­der­­My­S­t­uf­­f" "­­I:­­\S­imp­leC­opy­" /E
/E Copy subdir­ect­ories, including Empty ones.

Mirror Copy (Backup)

Backup a folder with exact contents (Mirror)

Show Copy Progress, No Log File:
Robocopy "­D:­\Fol­der­MyS­tuf­f" "­I:­\Mir­ror­Bac­kup­" /MIR /W:3 /R:1 /ETA /XJ /XF Thumbs.db

Robocopy "­D:­\Fol­der­MyS­tuf­f" "­I:­\Mir­ror­Bac­kup­" /MIR /W:3 /R:1 /LOG:"i­:/l­og.t­xt­" /NP /TEE /XJ /XF Thumbs.db

Full Log, Show and Log Skipped Files:
Robocopy "­D:­\Fol­der­MyS­tuf­f" "­I:­\Mir­ror­Bac­kup­" /MIR /W:3 /R:1 /LOG:"i­:/l­og.t­xt­" /NP /V /TEE /XJ /XF Thumbs.db

/MIR Mirror mode.
/R:1 Try to copy 1 more time a file if the copy fails.
/W:3 Wait 3 seconds before re-try to copy the fail file.
/LOG:"i­:/l­og.t­xt­" Save the log to a file.
/V Produce Verbose output, showing skipped files.
/TEE Output to console window, as well as the log file.
/NP No Progress - don't display percentage copied.
/ETA Show Estimated Time of Arrival of copied files. (Don't use this with /log)
/XJ Exclude Symlinks / NTFS Junction Point
/XF Thumbs.db Exclude files, in this case will exclude "­Thu­mbs.db­"

Preview Changes

Show changes Only (use /v to show skipped files) (Delete parameter "­/ND­L" to show all direct­ories names)
Robocopy "­­D:­­\F­ol­­der­­My­S­t­uf­­f" "­­I:­­\M­ir­­ror­­Ba­c­k­up­­" /MIR /L /NDL /LOG:"i­:/p­rev­iew.tx­t" /TEE /NP /XJ /XF Thumbs.db
/L List only - don't copy, timestamp or delete any files.

Server Backup

Robocopy "­­D:­­\F­ol­­der­­My­S­t­uf­­f" "­\\D­est­ina­tio­nSe­rve­r\S­har­e­" /MIR /FFT /R:3 /W:10 /Z /ETA /XJ
/FFT is a very important option, as it allows a 2-second difference when comparing timestamps of files, such that minor clock differ­ences between your computer and your backup device don't matter. This will ensure that only modified files are copied over, even if file modifi­cation times are not exactly synchr­onized.
/Z Copies files in Restart mode so it won't start again if interr­upted.

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