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Quick and Dirty Robocopy Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet by

Robocopy Essential Params


Robocopy [SourceDir] [DestDir] [/Options]
Sour­ceDir Source directory
DestDir Desti­nation Directory
Options One or more of the list below


Copies all subdir­ect­ories (including empty ones).
Copies subdir­ect­ories (excluding empty ones).


/XF file [file]
Excludes files with the specified names, paths, or wildcard charac­ters.
/XD dir [dir]
Excludes direct­ories with the specified names, paths, or wildcard charac­ters.

Indicators & Log

Redirects output to the specified file, overwr­iting the file if it already exists.
Redirects output to the specified file, appending it to the file if it already exists.
Turns off copy progress indicator (% copied).
Displays output in the console window, in addition to directing it to the log file specified by /LOG or /LOG+.

Retry Parameters

Specifies the number of retries on failed copies. (The default is 1 million.)
Specifies the wait time between retries. (The default is 30 seconds.)

Mirror Parameters

Deletes destin­ation files and direct­ories that no longer exist in the source.
Mirrors a directory tree (equiv­alent to running both /E and /PURGE).
Creates a directory tree structure containing zero-l­ength files only (that is, no file data is copied).
Copies NTFS security inform­ation. (Source and destin­ation volumes must both be NTFS). Equivalent to /COPY­:DATS.
Copies Nothing. Can be useful with /PURGE.

Move instead of Copy

Moves files (that is, deletes source files after copying).
Moves files and direct­ories (that is, deletes source files and direct­ories after copying).

Additional Info

This is only part of the available commands, but enough to get out of many unpleasant situat­ions.
For a full list of commands, refer to Roboco­py.doc

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