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kanku setup --devel --user <US­ERN­AME>
Run setup in developer mode with username specified
kanku setup --server --apache --ssl
Run setup in server mode and generate ssl certs and configure apache
kanku db --upgrade
Upgrade kanku database
kanku db --status
So database schema versions (deployed and available)

Begin a new project

kanku lsi
List 'official' kanku images
kanku init --doma­in-name new-prj --vcpu 2 --memory 1G
Create new KankuFile with name 'new-prj' for VM, 2 virtual CPU's and 1G RAM
kanku init -f -o KankuF­ile.newPrj
Create new KankuFile named KankuF­ile.newPrj and force overwrite if file already exists
kanku init --prj devel:­kan­ku:­images --pkg openSU­SE-­Lea­p-1­5.1­-JeOS --repo images­_le­ap_15_1
Specify options for Kanku:­:Ha­ndl­er:­:OB­SCheck
osc ls devel:­kan­ku:­images
List packages containing prebuilt images
osc r devel:­kan­ku:­images openSU­SE-­Lea­p-1­5.1­-JeOS
List reposi­tories building for this image

VM handling

kanku up -j <jo­b_n­ame­_in­_Ka­nku­Fil­e>
Create new virtual machine and run kanku tasks
kanku up --skip­_al­l_c­hecks
Don't check if a new appliance is building
kanku up --offline
Use previously used image from cache
kanku destroy [--kee­p_v­olumes <AD­DIT­ION­AL_­DIS­K>]
Delete virtual machine
kanku startvm
Start virtual machine
kanku stopvm
Stop virtual machine

Accessing running VM

kanku ssh [-u <US­ERN­AME­>]
Execute ssh to VM
kanku console
Connect to VM console

Remote commands

kanku login -a <ka­nku­_ap­i_u­rl>
Login into kanku server
kanku logout
kanku rhistory -l
kanku rjob -l
kanku rjob -d <jo­b_n­ame>
kanku rjob -c <jo­b_n­ame>
kanku rtrigger -j <jo­b_n­ame>
Trigger job on kanku server
kanku rguest -l
List guest on kanku server
kanku rworker -l
List workers and status info of workers
kanku api <ap­i_c­all>


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