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A list of actions available to PCs during play in Dragonbane (2023 Free League edition)

Common Actions

Push Roll
Declare a push AFTER rolling. This lets you gain a BOON die, but you must take a condition that is somehow related to the skill you're pushing.
Heroic Ability
Trigger your Heroic Ability. Most cost 3 WP
Help an Ally
You can help an ALLY on their roll. They gain one BOON die. No more than on PC can help another PC
Hold Action
Switch initiative card with someone else's who is later in the turn order. They cannot reject this.
Boost Your Spell's Power
Spellc­asters can boost the power of their spell by spending an extra 2WP per level of boost to cause a greater spell effect

Offensive Actions

Roll your COMBAT SKILL vs the foe's COMBAT SKILL. Success = you knock their weapon 1d6 meters away
Roll your COMBAT SKILL vs foe's EVADE. Success = enemy is PRONE
Shove (optional rule)
On a successful MELEE attack, if your STR BONUS > target's DMG BONUS, you push them 2 Meters (1sq) in any direction along with doing your damage
Find the Weak Spot
Must be using a PIERCING weapon and you take a BANE die on this attack. Successful attack ignores the foe's ARMOR
Opposed BRAWLING roll, success = you and foe fall to the floor, you have them held immobile, they cannot perform any action that requires movement. They can attempt to break free. See rules, page 48 for more info.
Heroic Ability
Use your Profes­sio­n/K­in/­Ability if approp­riate
Topple can be very useful, as once the target is PRONE, all attackers gain a BOON die on their attack on the foe, and do an extra 1d6 damage on a hit

Defensive Actions

Parry (requires weapon or shield)
Declare after you're hit, and before the Damage roll. Roll your WEAPON skill, on a success, you block the incoming attack, taking no damage. Now roll damage, if it's greater than your weapon­/sh­ield's DURABI­LITY, that weapon­/shield is broken and unusable until you have a successful CRAFTING attempt to fix it. To Parry with a shield, choose any STR-based melee weapon skill for the roll. Piercing weapons can never damage a shield or parrying weapon. Monster attacks generally cannot be parried.
Roll vs your EVADE skill before Damage is rolled. If succes­sful, you take no damage, and can move 2 Meters (1sq) if you want
Heroic Ability
Use your Heroic­/Ki­n/P­rof­ession ability as approp­riate
Seek Cover
If you're behind cover, it's a BANE on the enemy's ranged attack (and vice versa)
* Dodge and Parry are both REACTIONS and take you out of the Initiative order, giving up your turn but letting you immedi­ately react.
* If a person is between you and your ranged attack target, you take a BANE die on the attack
* Parrying a Ranged attack requires a shield, it cannot be done with a weapon unless you have the Deflect Arrow Heroic ability


Rest for a Combat Round (10 seconds)
Regain 1d6 Willpower Points. Can only do this once per 6-hour Shift
Rest for a Stretch (15 minutes)
Regain 1d6 HP and 1d6 WP. Remove one Condition. If an ally succeeds on a Healing roll to help you during the rest, regain 2d6HP instead of 1d6. Can only do this once per 6-hour Shift
Rest for a Shift (6 hours)
Regain all HP, WP and remove all Condit­ions. Must be a full, un-int­err­upted Shift
Healing is rare in this game, it's best to find ways to not get hit in the first place!

Death & Dying

At <= 0 HP, an ally can PERSUADE you to keep on your feet and fighting. This counts as an action for them, and you must keep making Death Rolls
Life Saving
At 0 HP, an adjacent ally can make a HEALING roll (if they lack bandages, they take a BANE die). Success = you gain 1d6 HP and stop making Death Rolls. This cannot be done when you're above 0 HP.
Death Rolls
Roll vs CON, and cannot be pushed. Three (3) successes = you get back to your feet with 1d6 HP. Three failed rolls = dead. A Dragon roll = 2 successes, a Demon roll = 2 failures
Severe Injury (optional rule)
Any time you get to 0 HP, but survive, you take a severe injury. Roll on the table on page 51 of the rulebook
* Taking any damage while you're making death rolls counts as a failed death roll
* If a single attack reduces your HP to a negative score equal to your full HP, your character dies instantly


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