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charac­ters, NPCs, named folk
organi­zat­ions, factions, groups
locations, gazetteer, world building
money, trades, transa­ctions
items, rewards, treasure
calendar: mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd or
plots, plans and ideas
rules, house rules, references
pluses, magic items, artifacts
open - use how you like
Tags can be renamed. Click the cog icon in the top right corner and select Change Prefer­ences. For example, you might want § to indicate brains­tormed ideas or stat blocks.

Search­/Filter Bar

Searches and lists all Log Entries for the world Johnn
Filters Log Entries that just have the @Johnn tag
Hello Johnn
Filters Log Entries that have both Hello and Johnn in them
@Johnn #Edmonton
Lists Log Entries that have both tags present
Filters all Log Entries that have @Johnn but do not have Hello.
Play with the Search­/Filter feature. It's power comes from adding multiple items to it to quickly narrow down results. For example,
*Session27 @Bruno #Inn
would return all Log Entries from session 27 involving Bruno at the inn.

Prefix & Suffix

Put text here that you want added to the front of each new Log Entry. For example, I add the session number: Session27.
Add text here you want put at the end of each new Log Entry.
You can use tags in Prefixes and Suffixes.


Put multi-word tags in double quotes. For example: @"Johnn Four"
Remove punctu­ation from tags with double quotes. For example, Hi @"Johnn Four".
Write shorter Log entries to harness the power of tagging and filtering. Long text blocks make it harder to find stuff when you need it.
Back up often. Use the Download log feature in case you make a big mistake. You can import JSON backups into new temporary Campaign Logs to recover inform­ation.
Use the copy feature to create stat blocks and other reusable chunks for faster prep.
Web App users, use your browser search function in combin­ation with Logger's search­/filter for even faster searches.
Evernote, MyInfo and other app users, paste in URLs to your notes for easy cross-­ref­ere­ncing.


Heading (top)
== Level 1 ==
Heading (level 2)
=== Level 2 ===
Heading (level 3)
==== Level 3 ====
Horizontal line
-- [alone on the line]
List (bullet point)
List (numbered)
|| space || before
|| and after || text
Formatting tags can be combined:
{bi/|bold italic super} = bold italic super

The lowest supported heading level is
======= Level 6 =======

Formatting for generators

Generators can use both the standard log formatting tags as well as tags from this table. The formatting tags from this table do not work in log entries, however.

Text Transf­orm­ation

{|THIS is an example|caps}
= This Is An Example
Lower case
{|THIS is an example|lcase}
= this is an example
Sentence case
{|THIS is an example|scase}
= THIS is an example
Small Caps
{|THIS is an example|scaps}
= THIS ɪs ᴀɴ ᴇxᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ
Title case
{|THIS is an example|tcase}
= This Is an Example
Upper case
{|THIS is an example|ucase}
Transf­orm­ation combined with format­ting:
{bis|c­anceled title|­tcase} = Canceled Title


Named link
Unnamed link
Unlinked URL


inline image
{"ht­tps­://­exa­mpl­e.c­om/­pat­h/t­o/i­mag­e"| caption |img}
scaling width
{"ht­tps­://­exa­mpl­e.c­om/­pat­h/t­o/i­mag­e"| caption |img-50x}
scaling height
{"ht­tps­://­exa­mpl­e.c­om/­pat­h/t­o/i­mag­e"| caption |img-x75}
scaling both
{"ht­tps­://­exa­mpl­e.c­om/­pat­h/t­o/i­mag­e"| caption |img-5­0x75}
Images can be included in log entries or generator output.

Random Generators

3 Line NPCs Generator (5E style)
3 Line Villages
5 Line Combat Descri­ptions
Town Rumors
Encounter Seeds
Holmesian Names
Goblin Names
Orc Names
More generators are available in the
generator library. See the Generator Guide.

Dice Roller Commands

Roll 1 twenty­-sided die
Roll three twelve­-siders and add 6
Roll 2 six-sided dice and subtract 7
Roll 4 FATE or Fudge dice
Roll 3 ten-sided dice and let each one explode (when it comes up at the highest possible value)
Roll 4 six-sided dice and pick the three highest results
Roll 5 twenty­-sided dice and pick the four lowest results
Take the median dice out of 3 rolled dice
1d6 + 1d8
Roll a d6 and a d8 and add them up
1d6, 1d8, 1d20
Roll a d6, a d8, and a d20, and show you each result
1d20+5 (20+)
Roll one 20-sided die, add 5, and check if the result is at least 20
3d6 (12-)
Roll three six-sided dice and check if the result is less than or equal to 12
4d6 [5+]
Roll four six-sided dice and check each die if it resulted in 5 or more
Roll a “color” die (will always result in a zero and thereby won’t partic­ipate in success evalua­tion, options are delimited by | and may only consist of letters, digits, and blanks)
See more dice codes for the dice roller.

Form Codes

[ ]
empty checkbox
selected checkbox
empty 1-line field
[[some text]]
filled 1-line field
empty multi-line field
[[[mul­ti-line text]]]
filled multi-line field
Form Codes are still an experi­mental feature, and any log entry containing them must begin with the following line:


The fields can be edited directly and remember their contents across sessions.

Markdown notation

Support for Markdown notation is still experi­mental, and a log entry containing Markdown syntax has to begin with the following line:


For more inform­ation about the supported Markdown syntax, see Common­mar­

Additional resources


Campaign Logger is an RPG session logging and campaign planning tool developed by Jochen Linnemann and Johnn Four.

Available for Web, Android, iOS and Windows. New features are being added regularly, and customer support is active and fast.

More details available here.


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