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6 Pages
Overview of the rules from both French I and French II
10 Dec 19, updated 16 Dec 19
3 Pages
This is a sheet for the 6 tenses in german. Each will have an example of how to conjugate weak(regular) and strong(irregular) verbs, and when the tense is used. This should be read in the order of Present tense, Simple past, Present perfect/perfect tense, Past perfect, Future tense, Furture perfect. The PDF messes up the order and a lot of things overlap, i would suggest reading this here and not in the PDF. There will be a Dictionary at the bottom for refrence
9 Jul 22, updated 10 Jul 22
2 Pages
This is German cases 101. This is mostly made for myself so sorry if things are a bit confusing, i tried my best to keep it understandable to others. My apologies for this being formatted strangly, if i didnt do it this way things would overlap and become hard to read. Reading order: Definite and Indefinite Articles + Pronouns > Norminative > Accusitive > Dative > Genitive > Misc.
7 Aug 22
1 Page
This cheat sheet is about how to structure sentances in german.
9 Sep 22
1 Page
Good luck and have fun.
20 Dec 22
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