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German Word Order Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This cheat sheet is about how to structure sentances in german.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


English: Subject + Verb + More Verbs + Nouns
German: Subject + Verb + Nouns + More Verbs

I want to invite my parents
ich will meine Eltern einladen

he should buy the milk
er soll die Milch kaufen

we can go to the movie theater
Wir können ins Kino gehen

this pattern is quiet easy to reconise and speak after some practice. The more genera­lised verbs like can, will, should, could, have, etc should come first. Extra verbs always go to the end.



second idea


Negitive sentences



in german, questions are structured the same way

verb + subjec­t/p­ronoun + noun + more verb


verb + subjec­t/p­ronoun + noun

for example:
Möchtest du die getränkt bestellen?
(would you like to order the drinks?)

willst du die katze halten?
(do you want to hold the cat?)


Spielst du Klavier?
(do you play piano?)

magst du pizza?
(do you like pizza?)

when asking questions, a common thing you may hear is someone saying a phrase then adding oder(or) to turn it into a question

du springst gerne oder?
(you like to jump or?)

German Question Words

Warum = why
Was = what
Wann = when
Wo = where
Wie = how
Woher = where from
Wohin = where to
Wer = who
Wen = whom
Wessen = whose
Wem = to/from whom