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Branches of botany and zoology Cheat Sheet by

different studies and fields under botany and zoology


BOTANY_ Study of plants
ZOOLOGY-Study of animals.
MORPHOLOGY-It deals with study of different organs of a plant.HISTOLOGY- Study of tissues.ANATOMY-Study of different tissues like root, stem, leaf, flowers, seeds, etc.CYTOLOGY-Study of cell structure and functions. PHYCOLOGY-Study of algae .MYCOLOGY-Study of fungi. LICHEN­OLOGY-Study of lichens. BACTER­IOLOGY-Study of bacteria. VIROLOGY- Study of viruses. BRYOLOGY- Study of bryoph­ytes. PTERID­OLOGY- Study of pterid­oph­ytes.EMBRYOLOGY-Study related to gametes , fertil­iza­tio­n,d­eve­lopment of embryo.
MICROB­IOLOGY- Study of microo­rga­nisms. PROTOZ­OOLOGY-Study of protoz­oans.PARAZO­OLOGY-Study of sponges. CNIDOLOGY -Study of cnidarians HELMIN­THOLOGY-Study of helmin­thes. CARCIN­OLOGY -Study of crusta­ceans. ACAROLOGY- Study of tick and mites. ENTOMOLOGY-Study of insects. APIOLOGY-Study of honey bees. LEPIDO­PTE­ROLOGY- Study of butter­files. MYRMEC­OLOGY-Study of ants. MALCOLOGY-Study of molluscs. CONCHOLOGY -Study of molluscan shells.
EXOBIOLOGY Study of life in other plants. GERENT­OLOGY-Study of aging in humans. GNATOB­IOLOGY-Study of germ free living organisms. ICHNOLOGY- Study of foot prints. IMMUNOLOGY-Study of immune systems of body . LIMNOLOGY- Study of life in fresh water bodies. NEONTOLOGY-Study of recently formed organisms. ONCHOLOGY- Study of cancer. ONTOGENY-Study of history of indivi­dual.
DIFFERENT FIELDS OF BOTANY - PALYNOLOGY - Study of pollen grains and spores. ECOLOGY-Study of interr­ela­tions between living bodies and their enviro­nment.PHYSIOLOGY-Study of absorption of water and minerals salts in plants.PHYTOG­EOG­RAPHY-It deals with the distri­bution of plants on earth in past and present.GENETICS-Study of heredity and variat­ions.PALEOB­OTANY-Study of fossil plants.
ICHTHY­OLOGY- Study of fishes. TORPED­OLOGY- Study of rays and skates. BATRAC­OLOGY-Study of frogs.HERPET­OLOGY- Study of amphibians and reptiles. SAUROLOGY-Study of lizards. OPHIOLOGY- Study of snakes. ORNITH­OLOGY- Study of birds. NIDOLOGY- Study of birds nests.AEROBI­OLOGY- Study of flying organisms. MAMMOLOGY- Study of mammals. CHIROP­TER­OLOGY- Study of bats. ANTROP­OLOGY- Study of human races.
PSYCHOLOGY- Study of human mind. TELEOLOGY- Study of interp­ret­ations of structure in terms of utility and purpose. SONOLOGY Study of hearing. VETERINARY SCIENCES- Study of domestic animals. ZYMOLOGY Study of enzymes.
APPLIED BRANCHES -AGRICU­LTURE-Study of cultiv­ation of crops.HORTIC­ULTURE -Study of garden plants for fruits and vegeta­bles.FLORIC­ULTURE- Study of cultiv­ation of flowers.FORESTRY-Study of forest plants for timber.PHARMA­COGNOSY-Study of medicinal plants.PLANT BREEDING - Study of newer and improved plants.PLANT PATHOLOGY-Study of diagnosis, cure,and prevention of plant diesases.
MEDICAL BRANCHES TRICHOLOGY- Study of hair. DERMAT­OLOGY- Study of skin. OPHTHA­LOM­OLOGY- Study of eyes. RHINOLOGY - Study of nose. LARYNG­OLOGY- Study of larynx. OTOLOGY- Study of ear . ODONTOLOGY- Study nof teeth and gums. CRANIOLOGY- Study of cranium. OSTEOLOGY- Study of bones. ARTHROLOGY- Study of joints. SARCOLOGY- Study of muscles. HAEMAT­OLOGY- Study of blood. ANGIOLOGY- Study of blood vessels. SEROLOGY- Study of serum. CARDIOLOGY- Study of heart. PLEUROLOGY- Study of lungs. RENOLOGY- Study of kidneys. UROLOGY- Study of excretory system. NEPHROLOGY- Study of kidneys
APPLIED BRANCHES _ BIOCLI­MAT­OLOGY Study of effect of climate on living organisms. BIOMETRY -Appli­cations of mathem­atics in living organisms. APICULTURE - Rearing of honey bees. AQUACU­LTURE- Culturing of acquatic organisms. PISCIC­ULTURE-Culturing of fishes. SERICU­LTURE- Rearing of silk worms. WORMIC­ULTURE- Rearing of worms.
OTHER BRANCHES-BIOTEC­HNOLOGY-Study of utiliz­ation of living organisms obtained from them in industrial produc­tion.PHYTO CHEMISTRY-Study of chemicals present in the plants. AGRONOMY- It deals with the management of agricu­ltural crops plants.POMOLOGY-It yields with the fruits and fruit yielding plants.OLERIC­ULTURE_Study of cutivation of vegetable crops.ARBORI­CULTURE- Study of growing ornamental plants.SYLVIC­ULTURE-Study of growing timber yeilding trees. AGROST­OLOGY-Study of grass plants.PEDOLOGY-Study of soils. ANTHOLOGY- Study of flowers. ANTHOTAXY-Arran­gement of flowers on the peduncle.
PHRENOLOGY-Study of brain. MASTOLOGY- Study of breasts. ANDROLOGY-Study of male reprod­uctive organs. GYNAEC­OLOGY-Study of female reprod­uctive organs. ORGANOLOGY-Study of organs. SPLANC­HNOLOGY- Study of visceral organs.ALLIED BRANCHES RADIOB­IOLOGY- Study of radiations on living organisms. CRYOBI­OLOGY- Study of life at low temper­atures. CTETOLOGY- Study of acaquired charcters of plants and animals . EPIDER­MALOGY- Study of epidemic diseases. ETIOLOGY- Study of origin of diseases. ETHLOGY- Study of animal behaviour. EUGENICS- Study of improv­ements of human races by applying genetic laws.
BIOCHE­MISTRY- Study of chemicals related to living organisms. BIOMETRICS-Deals with applic­ations of statistics of analysing biological problems. CYTOGE­NETICS- In this branch we study chromo­somes and their role in inheri­tance and evolution.DENDROLOGY-Study of trees and shurbs. LIMNOLOGY- Study of physical and chemical , metrol­ogical conditions of fresh water. EXOBIOLOGY-Study of living organisms in space. RADIOB­IOLOGY- Study of effects of radiations on living organisms.



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