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Maps Pin Accuracy and placement


Next Door
Can't Verify

General consid­era­tions

Pin resources
Reliable online map resources, including vector and hybrid views
Street imagery
Official venue maps
Government property registries
Satellite vs Vector
Always use the more generous layer toward the pin
Boundaries of the Feature
Real or imaginary line that separates (fences, walls, garden plants, bodies of water, other dividers etc)
Half n Half
If no clear divider, draw an imaginary line on the road
Tennis rule
If tip of pin touches the line, it's considered inside the boundary, outside otherwise
Shared spaces
If campus, public roads crossing it are part of the boundary, if particular BU or POI in a campus, the boundary stops when the road is reached
Next door
If it drops on the immediate property next to the intended one
Must be on the same street (share same street name)
Same side
First property to any side
On the same block
Can't Verify
When pin is within the smallest area that can be identified as a potent­ially correct location (clouds covering in sat image), outside it will be Wrong

Single Rooftop

Falls in the rooftop of the intended property
Within the boundaries (including on any rooftop that's not the intended one)
Next door
On the next door property
Outside the property boundaries or next door
Any pin falling outside an Approx­imate area in a shared space will be rated Wrong
Can't Verify


With evidence or not
With evidence, only the rooftop is considered Perfect, the rest will be its boundaries
Shop in a shopping mall with evidence of the location, if no evidence, the entirety of the mall will be a Perfect
Parcel of land
Without a rooftop, all the parcel will be Perfect there will be no Approx­imate
Leaning Building
Some imagery can show a leaning building, use consensus of vector, hybrid, street imagery and reliable online map resources
Pin falls in the building's actual location as confirmed by the consensus
Pin falls within the boundaries of the property including on any rooftop that's not the intended one
Pin falls outside the property or next door property
Next door or Can't Verify
General guidelines
Reside­ntial Property with multiple buildings
More the one building with a single address
Any of the rooftop of the house within the boundaries of the property
Within the boundaries of the property or suppor­t/a­uxi­liary buildings
Next door
Next door
Outside the boundaries and next door
Can't Verify
Multiple rooftops
Single entities with multiple rooftops
Same rules as Reside­ntial properties with multiple buildings
Entire parcel is Perfect, no Approx­imate or Next door

Other Features

Without rooftops*
Natural features (lakes, oceans, creeks, rivers, ponds, seas, forests etc)
If natural feature has a defining feature (water for a river, peak of a mountain), pin should fall on that feature
If no natural feature (arbitrary boundary (parks, national forests), pin should fall in their polygon
Pin falls outside the defining features on still on it (slope of a mountain rather than the peak, shore of the lake)
Next Door
No next door
Pin falls in an area that does not meet the Perfect of Approx­imate
Can't Verify
General rule
Admini­str­ative divisions
Countries, states, provinces, cities, either Perfect or Wrong
Parking lots
Shared parking lots are considered Approx­imate, only parking (no businesses attached) can be Perfect
Transit POIs
Stops, stations, tool booth, terminals
If does not meet the Single Rooftop or Campus guidelines
Perfect if pin falls on the polygon for the transit POI or in the area you would wait for transit or entrance of underg­round
Approx­imate Within 50 meters of where you would wait
No Next door
Wrong if falls farther than 50 meters, within 50 meters on a non-as­soc­iated rooftop, outside bounda­ries, beyond half a city block (bus stops only)
Can't verify follow general guidelines
Underg­round Polygon
Find at least three entrances and create boundaries for each entrances (50 meters and Half and Half rule)
Then links points


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