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Relevance rating rules


Satisf­iying user intent

General Rating Rules

Rate each results indivi­dually
Demote based on relevance and distance
Always rate vs the world
If there is better in the real world, demote the result given
Ignore duplicates or order of results
Rate Bad inappr­opriate or illegal results
If content embarr­assing if seen by users
Adult content
From Naviga­tional to Bad if the query clearly requests this type / Bad if it doesn't

Query Connection

The first factor to take into consid­eration
If Yes you can rate user intent and Relevance
If No Rating is automa­tically Bad
User Intent if connection exists
Primary intent = Naviga­tional or Excellent
Secondary intent = Good
Unlikely intent = Acceptable
After this, you must rate Name, Address and Pin Accuracy

Prominence and distance

Refers to popula­rity, order of prominence
Intern­ational (the city of Sydney Naviga­tional)
Known in the country (Sydney Opera House Good)
Known in the region
May not even be known locally
When primary intent is respected
The farther away the result if from the area of expected results, the less desirable it becomes (espec­ially chain busine­sses, hospitals, grocery stores)
Must look all the possible results in the real world
Distri­bution of possible results
Population density (urban, suburban or rural)
For distance demotion use 10% rule
Take the closer result than add 10% of the distance, all results within will keep the Excellent rating, the ones outside will get demoted
The fewer the results and population density is low, you must be more generous when it comes to ratings and demotions

Types of Connec­tions

Brand, Airport or city (one or multiple)
Abbrev­iations or Alternate names
cdg, sears tower
Spell correction
only for obvious issues (missing letter, wrong diacritics or wrong street name if close to the user -street instead of boulev­ard-)
If query indicates a specific transit system, the result must match the system
Special characters
If the use of special character is valid (valid variation, adds value, perceived as a form of expression or style -café in english-)
If result does not include the unit number or another number from the request rate Good
If result is only the street name Acceptable
If only the locality returned Bad
Lack of connection
If so rate Bad

Various Queries

For addresses not existing
Rate if they existed, but don't demote existing addresses farther from non-ex­­isting ones
City vs Munici­­­p­ality
City is always the primary intent. States, countries and munici­­­p­a­l­­ities will be as a secondary intent Good
If query is specific about a country or state, and the city is returned, it will be rated Bad because it will not respect the user intent
Unexpected result
If result returned is unexpe­cted, look if secondary intent is respected Good, if not, rate Bad
Multiple Transit POIs (one airport with metro, train, tram, buses stations)
Other transit POIs at the queried one should be treated as secondary intent Good
Acceptable if less likely to satisfy the user intent
POIs and Transit
If POI is sharing a transit, look for prominence and intent
Transit queries
If one is rated Naviga­tional other will be demoted on distance and prominence
Stops vs Stations
All stations are stops, not the other way around
Returning a station for a stop query is ok, but not a stop if station queried

Service Level, Parkings and Perman­ent­_Cl­osure

If query request a specific level or service
Not reflected on the result = Good and demote as necessary
Generic level of service (offers more services than requested) = Excellent
If query does not specify
Any relevant result = Excellent
Parking intent
Rate free and paid as equal, if private parking returned rate Bad


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