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Maps Address Accuracy

Components and Issues

Street number
Incorrect or missing street number
Extensions are part of the street number too, if incorrect of missing, same as street number
Address Range
If result street number is outside the range, does not exists, does not match the odd/even numbering system
Unit, apt
If not present in the result (when the official address had one) or a unit/apt given in the results when there is no confir­mation of it in its official address
Street name
If Incorrect or missing street name
Alternate names
If the older/­alt­ernate name is no longer in use
Misspelled street names
Including diacritics
Street directions and types
Wrong type of street, missing or additional direction
If wrong or missing sub-lo­cality (if sub-lo­cality is required)
Misspe­llings within the locality name (including diacri­tics)
Region, state
Depending on the country, but if missing when required, that's an issue
Postal code
Depends on the country (for some of them Postal Code is not mandatory -if present, rate Correct as long as the postal code applies to at least part of the feature-)
Always be included when the result is located in a country other that the test locale
If address as one of those issues, rate it Incorrect

Other Issues

Address doesn't exist
If strong evidence that there is no building or no plot of land officially assigned at the address, rate Incorrect
If not enough ressou­rces, rate Can't Verify
Langua­ge/­Script issue
The address must match the test language, the user query or the result region
Country Specific issue
Used when the address problem is not covered by available checkboxes
Instances when an address also requires a munici­pality with locality or state but missing or inccorrect component
Other issue - Must leave a comment
Duplicate address compon­ents, name or POI reappears in address details, Natural features that contain street address elements, PO Box addresses
Correct with formatting issue
Not in format expected: unexpected compon­ents' order, non required but correct compon­ents, extra spacing, double commas, valid but redundant or unnece­ssary components

Result Expect­ations

Business or POI
Street number, name, locality, region, postal code, country, same physical location listed on official resources
Research and resources
Official social media (updated last 6 months), recent street imagery, postal author­ities, Gov property registries
If more than one official address for the same location, all of them are Correct
If no official resources: articles in primary public­ations, crowds­ourced user review sites
Alternate addresses
If valid (found in official resour­ces), rate Correct
Altern­ative address
Correct when it matches the address of any department or entity as the same location complex or campus
Correct when it lists the correct locality for the entity
Can't verify is exact locality is unclear (entity borders multiple locali­ties)
Incorrect - Locality if no locality provided
Region and Postal Codes must appear in countries where they are mandatory components
PO Box, mailing addresses and Management Offices
Addresses pointing to a different location or building are rated Incorrect - Other Issue
Business or POI with moving locations
Either a fixed schedule or move at random, some appear to be moving but can be perman­ently based at the same location
Random schedule
Can't be predicted or shown on the map, either closed or does not exist
Fixed schedule
Such as food trucks, schedules are posted on official sources, the most accurate location is the one the Business stays the most in a time period
Other addresses are Incorrect - Other Issue in cases of tie, any of those locations are Correct
Fixed location
Stationary bus or truck are evaluated like a standard business
Regular (farmer's market), annual (Burning Man, festiv­als), seasonal (halloween store)
If query and location intent are clear, assign an approp­riate relevance rating, otherwise Bad
Singular or non establ­ished events
If no any map signif­icance, rate it Closed - Does not exist except if this location become a POI (histo­rical import­ance)

Can't Verify

General Rules
Cannot be confirmed Correct or Incorrect
Lack of resources: no official webpage, no official address listed, general lack of resources, street imagery
Unexpected address format: Inters­ection, Exit, Descri­ptive address
Can't Verify for street number
Example: 156 Morfa Ave not found but existence of a Morfa Ave with number from 103 to 175
For a street name
Usually in inters­ection addresses when we can't confirm it

Type of results

Has to be associated with a building or plot of land assigned officially
PO boxers are not valid addresses Incorrect - Other Issue
Depends on each country
Street result
Local road should carry the locality and state name, longer roads don't require it (but if present, must be accurate)
City, village, munici­pality or neighb­ourhood
Postal Code
Returned when the user query matches the specific numbers or letters
State, region, territory result
If query made from a country code outside the state or region result, the result must be accomp­anied by the country name
Country result
Highest admini­str­ative level and has no other address components
Features without an expected address
Natural features (beach, glacier, etc), if a street address is present, it's Incorrect - Other Issue
POIs without an expected address
Like parks, monuments, national landmarks, squares, transit POIs etc
Locality must be shown (minimum requir­ement)
Official address
Some may have an official address (even if not expected), only results not respecting the minimum requir­ement and street name or number will be Incorrect
Partial street address
Can be rated Can't Verify if the address does not belong to another POI and the street within the result address matches the street listed as the official address, otherwise Incorrect
No official address
Can be rated Can't Verify or Incorrect
Can't Verify
Address belongs to a building associated with the intended POI, street provides access to the intended POI
User must be able to reach the POI by walking or driving (T-int­ers­ect­ions, street providing access by following the bounda­ries)


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