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Maps bases and search

Rating Workflow

User Intent - Is the result fits the user's intent ?
Yes or No
Establish Relevance
From Naviga­tional to Bad
Check Data Accuracy
Name, Address and Pin

Type of queries

Full address, street, country, city
Point of Interest or POI
Famous POI, river, transit station, location in a city
Business or BU
Business with location modifier (location precision or precise address), specific business, chain business (with or without a location modifier)
Group of entities sharing a set of characters (fast food, bus stop, coffee shop)
Product and Services
Something that can be purchased or offered by a BU or POI (ATV tour, vanilla latte)
Coordi­nates and "My Locati­on"
Lat and Long, "my locati­on/near me etc"
Emojis that reflect the intent (pizza, gas etc)
No map Intent Rated BAD
Temper­ature, time, online only business (LinkedIn, Facebook), inform­ation seeking

Result Types

Business or POI
Show name in the top field, followed by an address and classi­fic­ation
Multiple address types (resid­ential or locality), the first line of the address will be in the top field followed by the entire address
This type will not include a classi­fic­ation
Features without an expected address
POIs or features without an expected address (bus stops, bridges, mountains)
Always check if the result as a classi­fic­ation, if it does, it's a POI or feature, not an address

Relevance Ratings

One result only
Combin­ation of extreme prominence (Eiffel Tower), uniqueness (complete address) and proximity (incom­plete address that points to an unambigous option that is extremely close
Does not prevent other results to be satisfying to a lesser degree
High quality result, multiple results can be excellent
Highest possible initial rating for ambiguous queries and non Naviga­tional eligible ones
Partial satisf­action
Reasons of that demotion must be given
either User Intent or Distan­ce/­Pro­minence Issue
Techni­cally satisfies but does poorly due to relevance or distance
Same as Good
Does not satisfy the user intent due to lack of relevance or distance
Same as Good

Query Level Questions

Query Naviga­tional ?
Yes - Because the result is unique in the real world - Example: Eiffel Tower
No - Because they are more than one result in the real world - Example Starbucks
Two Level question Checkboxes
Result name/title is in an unexpected language
Business or POI is closed or does not exist

Research Expect­ation

Use search engine to invest­igate and understand the intent
Use official resources (BU's official websites, national postal services, gov websites)
Use your own knowledge and inform­ation provided

For Good or below ratings

Include user intent
Refers to the guideline
Include sources (links, url, images)
Be concise
In English

Location intent

A clear and specific location where results are expected
No clear location, must use either location and viewport or the area the user is expecting results

Viewport and User Location

Fresh vp
User inside vp
User location as location intent (No Bad rating because of distance alone if result inside the area)
Outside vp
Result are expected near or in the viewport area. All relevant results inside the vp are eligible for an Excellent Rating
If no results in or near the vp, consider the user location a secondary location intent
Missing user loc
Vp is the location intent
Stale vp
User inside or outside
User location is the location intent
Stale vp is the location intent
VP age missing
Present or Missing
Consider the vp fresh
Missing vp
User location
Test locale


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