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Maps Part II, Issues with Results

Result Issues

For each results, must check:
If issue with the language or script
The BU or POI is closed or doesn't exist

Expected Langua­ge/­script

Language or script of the test locale
Of the query
Of the result region
Any combin­ation of any descri­ptions above
An official company, chain or brand name commonly used in the market : Starbucks, McDonald's
When unexpe­cted: the user will not understand it : result in Spanish when the query locale is in English
Note Minor spelling issues (missing or added diacri­tics) are not unexpected language, also addresses (not BU or POI) may be in a foreign language and be accepted (an english user looking for an address in France)

BU or POI closed or does not exist

If closed or non existent
If randomly moving: food truck without a fixed schedule
Non-re­curring past event with no map intent
Note: You must give a relevance rating as if the place were open or did exist
If lack of resources: assume the BU could exist and rate the name, address and pin accuracy as Can't Verify
For remodelled BU: Treat them as if they were open
If BU has incorrect address or name : Signal precisely that is Wrong
When status showed is PERMAN­ENT­_CL­OSURE : Look in real world search is this result is expected or not (the relevance rating depends on it)


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