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osmoregulation intro bio 2


about preventing dehydr­ation
- for terres­trial animals

why does osmore­gul­ation work?

endocr­ine­-me­diated regulation of excretory system
antidi­uretic hormone (ADH) or vasopr­essin (AVP)
triggered by increase in osmolarity
makes collecting duct of nephrons more permeable to water
increase water retention
variation in urine
remove water, retain salt
retain water, remove salt

excretory system and osmore­gul­ation

excretory system: regulate solute movement between internal fluids and enviro­nment
filtering body fluids
reclaiming water & valuable solutes
adding noness­ential solutes and wastes from the body fluids to filtrate
processed filtrate containing nitrog­enous wastes released from the body


function excretory unit in kidney
interfaces w/ circ system (bowman's capsule)
collecting ducts pass filtrate to the ureter
filtrate includes
water, NaCl, ions (H bicarb­onate), urea, glucose, amino acids, drugs/­poisons
active­&p­assive transport
water, NaCl, bicarb­onate, glucose, amino acids
- of water and NaCl occurs along loop of henle
-solute [ ] (osmol­arity) of inters­titial fluid increases towards the center of kidney
overall filtrate is:
highly reduces in volume (water is retained by the body)
highly reduced in important solute [NaCl]
highly concen­trated in waste solutes (urea)


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