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VLANS + EtherChannel Cheat Sheet by


vtp domain CCNA
selects the domain for the network
vtp mode server / client
sets the mode of the device
vtp password cisco
passwords for the vtp domain
show vtp status
verifi­cation command for vtp
vtp mode transp­arent
set a device into transp­arent mode


Configure LACP between two switch
switchport mode trunk
in a interface range
switchport trunk native vlan 99
set native vlan
channe­l-group 2 mode active / passive
set ports as active. on one switch active and on the other passive. commands above are the same on both switch

Config­uration 1

Pictures provided by Kilian Stöckler


vlan 10
create vlan with the number 10
name Management
assign name to the previously created vlan
show vlan brief
verify vlans
switchport mode access
set an interface to access mode to join vlans
switchport access vlan 10
put interface into a vlan


switchport mode dynamic desirable
create a dynamic trunk (you need to be in an interface to do this)
show interfaces trunk
verify existing trunks
switchport mode trunk
create a static trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 99
set the native vlan of a trunk

Config­uration 2



channe­l-group 1 mode desirable
set a range of interfaces into desirable mode
channe­l-group 1 mode auto
set a range of interfaces into auto mode
show run interface f0/3
verifi­cation command
show etherc­hannel summary
show all etherc­hannels

Other verifi­cation commands

show ip interface brief
show overview of all interfaces
show ip route
show all routes
show vlan brief
show overview of all vlans and the ports in it
show interface trunk
show all trunks
tracert [ip]
show if hops to an ip are correct

Config­uration 3



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