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VLAN, VTP, DTP, Etherchannel Cheat Sheet by

Configure VTP

vtp domain CCNA
set the domain as CCNA
vtp mode server
set mode (server, client or transp­arent)
vtp password cisco
set password
show vtp status
confirm vtp config

Configure DTP

interface f0/1
enter interface config­uration mode
switchport mode dynamic desirable
set vtp mode (desirable or auto)
show interfaces trunk
confirm trunk config­uration
modes: client, trunk, dynamic desirable, dynamic auto
desirable actively tries to create trunk
auto only creates trunk when other side wants a trunk

Extended VLANs

vtp mode transp­arent
switch must be transp­arent
vlan 2000
any number higher than 1005 is an extended VLAN

Generic VLAN commands

vlan 10
create vlan with number 10
name Red
set the name of the VLAN
switchport mode [acces­s|t­runk]
configure port as access or trunk port
switchport access vlan 10
configure port as belonging to vlan 10
show vlan brief
confirm vlan config­uration

Etherc­hannel - PAgP

interface range f0/3-4
configure multiple interfaces at onc3
channe­l-group 1 mode desirable
add ports to etherc­hannel 1, mode can be auto or desirable
no shutdown
show run interface f0/3
show config­uration of specific interface
show interfaces f0/3 switchport
see operat­ional mode
show etherc­hannel summary
confirm that ehterc­hannel has been created
interface port-c­hannel 1
configure the created etherc­hannel
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 99
acts like a normal switchport
desirable: try to create etherc­hannel automa­tically
auto: only create etherc­hannel when requested by other port

Link Aggreg­ation - LACP

interface range f0/1-2
configure multiple interfaces at once
switchport mode trunk
set as trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 99
channe­l-group 2 mode active
create link aggreg­ation for ports - can be active or passive
no shutdown
active: try to create link aggreg­ation automa­tically
passive: only create link aggreg­ation when requested by other port


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