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Link Building SEO Cheat Sheet by

Beginners Cheat Sheet to Link Building

Initial Link Guidlines

How relevant is this site?
Ensure that the site is relevant to yours
What's the quality of the site?
Avoid if the site seems like spam
How much traffic does the site have?
Make sure that the site gains sufficient traffic

Determ­ining Quality of Site

When was the Site Created?
The older the site the better
What's the Site content like?
Make sure it's gramma­tically correct
Full of Ads?
Avoid if site is choc full of them with litle content
Bare Essentials in content?
Be wary if little content on site
Do they regularly update?
You want sites that regularly update
What is the layout like?
Easy to read and easy to find links make it easier for you
What's the Page Rank of the site?
Higher PR is better
How author­itative is the site?
Use Opensi­tee­xpl­ore­r/A­hrefs to determine the authority of the site

Relevance of Site

Is the site in your niche?
Links in your niche are best
Would a link from the site bring traffic?
If not, don't use
Would you be happy to have a link from them?
You're being advertised on there, so don't use if you're not happy with it
Can your business add something to the site?
Gaining links from altern­ative areas that can bring you relevant traffic

What to Look for in a Link

Determ­ining what links are best for your site takes time and requires you to determine the quality of a potential link. Here's some pointers to find out how to decide.

Note: The advice given is general, and not specific. Each site should be assessed indivi­dually

Traffic Statistics

How much traffic does the site receive?
Alexa Rankings can be used as a general measure
Does the site receive quality traffic?
Check that the rankings are low for your area
Can the site be found easily in Search Engines?
Easy to find can mean potent­ially more traffic to your link

Social Stats

Do they have Social Media integrated in their site?
Having integr­ation means they're more likely to have more followers
Do they share their articles?
Ensure they promote any article from their site
How many followers do they have?
More followers = more promotion
Are they active on all Social Media?
More Social Media gives a better chance of more traffic

Outbound Links

How many links do they have to other sites?
Less is more for your link
How many links do they have on a potential page?
Quality of the link is reduced by the number of links on the page
How many links do they have to their site?
Like your site, the more the better
Where is the link going to be placed?
In the main body of the text has the most value

What not to do

Use link exchange schemes
Buy links
Post on low quality spam sites
Associate with material you don't want your business to be associated with
Use link wheels - A links to B, B links to C, C links to A

Value of Each Area

Relevance of Site
Quality of Site
Traffic of Site
No. of links on site
Page Rank of Site
Authority of Site/page



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