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VLAN, VTP, DTP, EtherCannel Cheat Sheet by

Configure VLAN

vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Creates a VLAN
name <na­me>
Sets name of a VLAN
switc­hport mode access vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Assigns interface to a VLAN
show vlan brief
Shows VLANs
switc­hport mode [access | trunk]
Sets Port to Access or Trunk

Conf­igure VTP

vtp domain <do­mai­n>
Set VTP domain
vtp password <pa­ssw­ord­>
Set VTP password
vtp mode [server | client | transp­arent]
Set VTP mode to Server, Client or Transp­arent
show vtp status
Shows status of VTP
VLAN Trunking Protocol distri­butes the VLANs added to the VTP Server to all Switches in the domain. Therefore you do not have to configure every VLAN on every Switch yourself.

Configure DTP

switc­hport mode access
Puts the interface into permanent nontru­nking mode
switc­hport mode trunk
Puts the interface into permanent trunking modePuts the interface
switc­hport mode dynamic auto
Makes the interface able to convert the link to a trunk link (becomes trunk if neighbor is set to trunk or desirable)
switc­hport mode dynamic desirable
Makes the interface actively attempt to convert the link to a trunk link (becomes trunk if neighbour is trunk, desirable or dynamic auto)
switc­hport nonego­tiate
Prevents the interface generating DTP frames
show dtp interface <in­ter­fac­e>
Shows DTP inform­ation for an interface
debug dtp states
Shows DTP actions
Dynamic Trunking Protocol helps to negotiate if an interface is a trunk or access interface.

DTP - Negotiated Interfaces Modes


interface range F0/3 - F0/4
Configure multiple interfaces at once
chann­el-­group <nu­mbe­r> mode [auto | desira­ble]
Adds port to EtherC­hannel with mode auto or desirable
interface port-c­hannel <nu­mbe­r>
Configure the EtherC­hannel
switc­hport mode trunk
Sets the interface to Trunk
switc­hport trunk native vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Sets the native VLAN
show etherc­hannel summary
Shows inform­ation about EtherC­hannel
An EtherC­hannel summarizes a few physical cables to one logical cable and can therefore speed up the transfer of data. It is only available for Cisco Devices.

Link Aggreg­ation

interface range F0/0 - F0/1
Configure multiple interfaces at once
switc­hport mode trunk
Set interface to Trunk
switc­hport trunk native vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Set the native VLAN
chann­el-­group <nu­mbe­r> mode [active | passive]
Link Aggreg­ation is the same as EtherC­hannel but is device indepe­ndent.


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