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Origins of WWI

What was the catalyst of the war?
Assass­ination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his Wife.
When was the Archduke Murdered?
June 28th 1914. In Sarajevo, Bosnia
Why was his murder signif­icant?
He was the heir to the thrown of the Austri­a-H­ung­arian Empire
Who was he murdered by?
Gavirlo Prinship. He was a Serbian nation­alist and a Bonian nation­alist.
So why did he kill the Arch duke?
He killed him because he wanted to send the message that "we stop at nothing to get our freedo­m" He did not think that it would start a world war.
What was the "­black hand"?
it was a secret society of death. Although everyone knew, it was like a terrorist group
Who was the back hand against?
They were against the Austri­an-­Hungary Empire
What were the Fundam­ental Causes of the first world war according to Dr. Dehart?
The kingdom of Serbia's commitment to expand to create a "­Greater Serbia­". The Austri­an-­Hungary Empire determ­ination to preserve itself. Germany's desire to avoid isolation and to achieve "­world power". Russia's concern for its intern­ational reputa­tion. Great Britain's commitment to preserve the European balance of power.
According to the book what was a major cause of world war 1?
nation­alist fever spread throughout Europe. causes people to believe that everyone deserved to create a new nation.
The idea that peoples with the same ethnic origins, language, and political ideals has the right to form sovereign states.
So who went to war first?
Leaders of The Austri­an-­Hungary Empire used the assign­ation as a reason to go to war with Serbia because Serbia was blamed for the assign­ation.
So how did Germany get pulled into the war?
Before going to war the Austri­an-­Hungary Empire consulted with Germany. They did not say they were going to war exactly but they made it very clear. They were asking if Germany would back them if the war got out of hand. They essent­ially gave them a "­blanque cheque­".They were members of a Dual Alliance. Germany thought that even if they did go to war they could handle it and it would be quick
Triple Alliance or Central Powers
An alliance between Germany, Austri­a-H­ungary, and Italy
The Allies or the Triple Entente
An alliance between the British, France and Russia
Why did Russia join the war?
in 1904-1905 Russia lost a war to Japan. They faced some diplomatic defeated and Russia wanted to support Siberia. they were not allies but they were like little siblings to him. As soon as Russia joined the war Germany declared war on Russia
What year did Austri­a-H­ungry declare war on Serbia?
July 28th, 1914
What year did Russia order general mobili­zation?
July 30th, 1914
Germany declared war on Russia?
August 1st. 1914
What was Germany's war plan?
The Schiefflen plan. As soon was Germany went to war with anyone they would declare war on France to keep France from attacking them.
What year did Germany declare war on France?
August 3rd 1914
Why did Great Britain join the war?
They wanted to preserve the balance of power. They had no commitment but they joined anyway.
Why didn't Italy enter the war when its allies went to war?
Italy argued that they were an exclus­ively defensive but their allies were the aggressors in the war therefore they didn't have to.
Italy entered the war in may 1915 with who?
Italy entered the war by selling themselves the highest bidders. They wanted land and whoever promised them the land they wanted they would fight for them. Italy wanted the land that Austri­a-H­ungary owned
How did the fighting spread?
because European countries owned territ­ories in other countries fighting broke out in there.
How much did the war cost?
Grew to be about 180 billion
August 23rd 1914 Japan declared war on?
What was the U.S opinion in the beginning?
Neutrality but they abounded it in April 1917
Who did the U.S. declare war on in 1915?
Why did everyone think it would be a short war?
Because history repeats itself and all previous wars were pretty short.
How many casual­ties?
37.5 million
how many deaths?
8-10 million

WWI the entry of the U.S. and its impact

What was the stalemate?
On the Western and Southern front reflected techno­logical develo­pments. However many countries knew that if the U.S. came into war the stalemate would break.
New Rules of Engage­ment?
Both air attacks and Naval blockades. military leaders on both sides used blockades to eny food and whole popula­tions
British Naval Blockade
On the coast of Germany. It prevented any ships from reaching the German coast. This was Economic warfare. The German announced the island around Britain were war zones and they would be sinking any ships that came through.
German Unrest­ricted warfare
warfare that the germans engaged in after the British naval blockade. They bombed any ship that sailed within a certain area.
In November 1916 Wilson won reelection because..
He promised he would not enter the war.
When did Wilson decide to enter the war?
1917 he asked congress to engage in the war against Germany
Wilson knew that the unrest­ricted warfare could potent­ially harm Americans because why?
There was Americans on some ships that has to pass through the area that was unrest­ricted submarine warfare
Why did unrest­ricted submarine warfare piss Wilson off?
He thought that it was a violation of Intern­ational law. Because natural and passenger ships could not be attacked, there had to be a waring before you engaged in war, also the attacker had to save any survivors.
Wilson warned that...
if any Americans were harmed or in danger the U.S. would engage in war.
was a ship a british civilian passenger ship that has Americans on it. The Germans attacked it in May 1915 1200 passengers died. However passenger liners could not carry weapons but the Lusitania did because they were trying to smuggle weapons to the British.
What happened after that?
Germany started playing by the rules. By stating that they would follow intern­ational laws
So why did Wilson wait to attack the Germans?
Wilson thought that the Germans would just go back to playing by the rules but in 1917 they started sinking everything within the water again. January 31 Berlin announced this.
February 3rd, 1917
The U.S. broke agreement with Germany when American ships were attacked (3 in the same day). This was the deciding factor for Wilson
Germany asked Mexico for an alliance with the Zimmerman Telegram (note), January 19 1917. Author Zimmerman sent a telegram to Mexico that said if we go to war with America will you (mexico) declare war on the U.S. Germany promised Mexico money and territory.
What happened to the Telegram?
the telegram was interc­epted by the British and they decoded it and sent it to America.
Why did the British want America to enter the war?
Because the British and the French were in a stalemate and knew that if America could enter the war then the stalemate would be broke.
What did Germany think about this?
Germany knew that they had to win the war before America entered the war.
What were the 3 reasons the war was a Global war according to the book?
European govern­ments carried their animos­ities into their colonies, second Europe's human reserves were not enough to satisfy the appetite of war Millions of Africans and Asians were drawn into the war, Global signif­icance because of the Entrance into the war of Japan, the Ottoman empire and the United States

The End of WWI Paris Peace conference

November 11 1918
Germans signed a Armist, a seize fire.
Who was the losers of the war?
Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
What happened to the Austri­a-H­ungary and the Ottoman empire?
They collapsed.
Why couldn't the losers look at the treaty until after it was written?
They did not intend for it to happen this way they were going to have 2 meetings on with only the visitors and then one with the losers. But it took to long for the victors to come up with a treaty that they didn't have time to meet wight he losers.
Why was Russia excluded from the meetings all together?
They left the world war because it was in a series of revolu­tions. Europe saw this a betrayal.
Who was the repres­ent­ative for Great Britain?
Prime minister David Lloyd George
Who was the repres­ent­ative for Italy?
Prime minister Vittorio Orlando
Who was the repres­ent­ative for France?
Prime minister George Clemenceau
Why did they clash so much?
They all had a different agenda when they went to this peace meeting.
What was Vittorio Orlando's intention?
To get the terra toy that Italy was promised. However he left pissed off because he didn't get all the land that Italy was promised he only got some.
What was Wilson's chief goal?
Was the World War to be the end of all wars and to establish a League of Nations (to prevent future wars). He was also going to be generous to the Germans.
What was Great Britain intent­ions?
He wanted a harsh peace settlement for the Germans, but he then changed but stuck with his original plan because if he didn't then he would lose his job.
What was France's intent­ions?
Clemenceau wanted a harsh peace settlement because he did not want the Germans to be able to invade France again, at least for a very very long time.
How many peace treaties were there total?
5 one for each defeated country. But each treaty was the similar, Terttitory clauses, Military clauses, Repore­tions (payment methods), War guilt clause, and the section titled league of nations.
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Saint-­Ger­mai­n-e­n-Laye
Between the Allied powers and the Republic of Austria
Treaty of Neuill­y-s­ur-­Seine
Bulgaria and the Allied Powers
The treaty of Sevres
Ottoman Empire
treaty of Trianon
Hungary and the Allied powers
The losers were not allowed to look at the treaty until after it was written.


Bad spelling, e.g. on 11 November 1918: "Armist" should be "Armistice"; "seize fire" should be "cease-fire".
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