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Midterm Review

Chapter 2

Fertile Cresent
Arch of farm land in SW Asia between the Persian Gulf and Medite­ranian Sea
The land between the tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Political Unit, much as Indepe­ndent
Series of Rulers in a single Family
Cultural Diffusion
New ideas spreading from one culture to another
Belief in many gods
People, nations, or indepe­ndent states under control of one ruler
Babbyl­onian ruler, famous for his code of laws
Religion of Sumer
Literature of Sumer
Invented first writing system
Summerians writing system
Invented Arithmatic to build large structures
Sumer Inventions
Sail, Weel & Plow, Arithm­atic, and Geography
Describe the process scribes used to write cuniform
They used sharpened reed to scratch into pieces of wet clay
Egins about 100 miles before the river enters the Medite­ranian
Egyptian god-king
Govt. based on religion
Being preserved which involves embolming and drying the body to prevent it from decaying
Earliest froms of writing
a new surface of writing that grew in the Delta Surface
What social classes made up Egyptian Society?
Farmer and Pharaohs
Nile flooding
Every July, receeds every October leaving
Govt, of Egypt
Egyptians believed in __ , the eternal life force
landmass that includes, India, Pakistan, and Bangledesh
Seasonal winds that dominate Indias climate
Harappan Civili­zation
Indius Valley Civili­zation
Ancient India Religion
Theocracy, Mother Goddess
Ancient India Economic Life
They conducted trade w/ people in the region
Ancient Indias Settle­ments/ Buildings
First settle­ments were built in 2500 Bc
China Social Classes
Nobles, and Peseants
China writing system
each character stands for 1 symbol
China's Techno­logical advances
Roads, and canals
China Religious beliefs
Spirits of Ancestors

Chapter 1

Seven large land masses also known as Contin­ents.
North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Austra­ilia, Antartica
______­_____ is the line of latitude that divides the Northern Hemisphers from the Southern Hemisp­here.
______­_____ is the line of longitude that divides the Eastern Hemisphere from the Western Hemisp­here.
Prime Meridian
What does the Equator Measure?
What does the Prime Meridian measure?
The study of the Earth is called ______­___­___­___­___­______.
A repres­ent­ation of the Earth‘s rounded surface on a flat piece of paper is called a(n) ______­____.
One of the four compass points: north, south, east, and west: ______­___­___­___­___­___­____.
A map feature that shows the four cardinal direct­ions: ______­___­___­___­___­_____.
Compass Rose
A person who studies the Earth: ______­___­___­___­___­___­______.
The size of an area on a map as compared with the area’s actual size: ______­___­___­___­_____.
The advantage of a globe is?
It is inexpe­nsive
Latitude and longitude lines help geogra­phers identi­fy...
Absolute location.
The most accurate way to show the Earth’s continents and bodies of water is with a...
Which theme would geogra­phers use to study the conseq­uences of peoples’ actions?
Human Enviro­nment Intera­ction.
The disadv­antage of a globe is that:
It is too big to fit into a pocket
On maps, what do geogra­phers use to show regions?
a key.
Relative Location
What your location is near or relative to.
Map Key
Legend to read the map
Absolute Location
The exact location.
Smaller land-m­asses surrounded by formal political bounda­ries.

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