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Russian Revolutions Cheat Sheet by

February Revolution

What was the February Revolu­tion?
A sponta­neous revolu­tion, but was expected.
Who was the war between?
Workers and soldiers verses The Russian Rulers Petrograd, the absolute monarchy
The Petrograd
Political system had been in power for 500 years.
Why did they fight?
Russians partic­ipation in the in World War was bad for Russia. Russia lost land, money and many casual­ties.
Who was in power before the Revolution started?
Why did he advocate the thrown?
March 2 1917. His son was dying hemoph­ilia, gave the thrown Michael he said no
Who replaced him?
Provis­ional government (members of Russians National Duma), Petrograd soviet of workers and solider Deputes (simply the workers and solider). which they shared power
Who was the Bolskevik Party ran by?
Valdmer Lenin (1870-­1924)
What did the Bolskevik party promised?
Peace, land, bread and National economy increased.

October Revolution

The Bolskevik Party
Gained popular support which started the October war
Created a new government called..?
Council of people Comensar. To get Russia out of the war
How did they get out of world war 1?
signed a tracy with enemies March 1918 signed "­treaty of Brest-­Lit­ovsk.
The October revolution was known as?
A Coup d'etat
Civil war summer of 1918 to Fall of 1920
Was a bloody war.
Why was the war started?
Economic collapse and Leadership crisis
Who was the party against?
Bolseviks verses the Whites (colle­ction of opponents)
Red Army
Bolshevik (5 million people). A collection of polices war communism
Nation­alized Economy
Meaning they took control. in 1921 Russian Industry was producing 15% of what they used to produce. And Russian Agricu­lture was only at 50%
Lenen adopted what policy?
New Economic Policy (NEP)
What is NEP?
You didn't have to surrender your grain anymore. As long as you pay the annual tax then the rest is the producers. Bolskevik allowed private ownership of Business


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