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The Age of Totalitarianism part 2 Dr. Dehart Cheat Sheet by

German Totali­tar­ianism

Adolf Hitler
1889-1­945­Nat­ional Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party)
Paul Von Hindenburg
was a German World War I military commander and president. He fought in the Austro­-Pr­ussian War and in the Franco­-German War. Forced Germany toward Hitler
Along with Hitler he wanted to create a "­peoples commun­ity­"
"­peoples Commun­ity­"
A perfect society, in Germany because Hitler believed that Germans were superior to the rest of society
Who did Hitler have killed?
German Jews, Homose­xuals, physical ill, mentally ill, socialist, commun­ists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Afro-G­ermnas, Gypsies
The Great Depression
Not only happened in the US but all around the world after World war 1
October 1929
The stock market crashed
On Black Thursday
October 24th a wave of panic selling on the New York Stock exchange caused the stock prices to plummet
How did Hitler come into power?
The great depres­sions was felt by many countries around the world.
Weimar Republic
The people in power before Hitler. They made the depression worse in Germany
May 1928
There was a German national election and the Nazi party was only at 2.6% of the votes
September 1930
There was another German nation election and the Nazi party rose to 18% because of the Great Depression
July 1932
The German nation election took place and the Nazi party was at 37%
November 1932
Nazi party won the election at 33% of all votes
After Hitler took power
he wanted to creat the "­perfect commun­ity­" and destroyed the Weimar Republic
Starting in 1939 how many people were killed?
70,000 mentally and physically disabled were murdered
If they were not killed the were forced to become sterile so that they could not reproduce
Hitler created over 400 laws against the Jews to take away their citize­nship 300,000 Jews fled the country. Hitler Blamed the jews for the Great Depression and for the loss of World war 1
War was necessary to crete this "­living space", to creat agricu­lture productive land. Promoted the idea that Germans were superior so they waged war to gain living space.
September 1939
Germany Attacke Poland which triggered world war 2
September 1945
The second world war had ended.
How many people died in WW2?
60 million people 70% were civilians 900 billio­n-1.5 trillion dollars was spent on the war
The mass murder of 6 million European Jews Germany military allies agreed with Germans to Kill European Jews


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