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Daily Habits Automatic Health Wellbeing Cheat Sheet by

Daily Habits for "Automatic" Health, Well-being, and Success

Success Habits

3 Gratit­ude's or a Random act of kindness
Trains brain to scan the world for positive and things to be thankful for.
Daily Journal
Allows brain to re-live positive experi­ences. Allows you to see patterns & clues to beneficial behaviour. Track goals.
Trains brain to focus to the task at hand.
(What you think about, you bring about) Intent­ionally create your day and future.
Affirm­ation with E.F.T.
A one sentence affirm­ation containing qualities you most want.
Review Values
List your values and principals that are most important to you.
Clarify Goals
List achievable steps/­outline and timeframes on way to result­/ou­tcome.

Daily Health Habits

Floss Teeth or Oil Pulling
Prevent Gum Disease. Risk for heart disease among people with gum disease is double that of people who don't have gum disease & you are 3 x more likely to have a stroke.
Exercise or Brisk-­Walking 30 mins
Lowers risk of heart-­dis­ease, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes. Burns calories, Improves posture, Lowers blood pressure, promotes better sleep, Increases levels of oxygen in your body, Improves mental perfor­mance & mood, Reduces anxiety & stress, Boosts immune system, Slows the aging process. Lose weight.
The more oxygen you put into your lungs, the more energy you will have.
Dry Skin Brushing (Brush in direction of heart in counte­r-c­loc­kwise, circular strokes, starting at feet, shower afterw­ards)
Helps rid body of toxins, cellulite, dead skin layers, strengthen immune system, stimulates lymph glands, better body perfor­mance, increases cell renewal, improves blood circul­ation, makes skin look younger.

Daily Diet Habits

Healthy heart fibre, virtually no fat, decrease risk of colon & lung cancer, prevents tooth decay, gum disease and urinary tract infect­ions, lowers bad choles­terol.
Drink Green Tea
Burns more fat, boosts metabo­lism, loaded with Antiox­idants (prote­ction from cancer + other diseases), controls appetite.
8 glasses of water
Converts food into energy, carries nutrients throughout body, regulates body temper­ature, hydrates body, good for heart, burns calories.
Eat Oatmeal
Reduces heart disease, sustained energy all day, filling.
Fatty Fish (Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon)
Omega-3 fatty acids which stabilize blood sugar, decreases risk of coronary artery disease, increases mental function, lowers bad choles­terol.
Healthy, trim body. Lowers choles­terol, contains essential Omega 3-6 Fatty Acids, contains soluble & insoluble fibre, prevent cancer, immune and inflam­matory disorders, boosts metabo­lism.
Reduces breast, colon & prostate cancer, stronger bones, lowers choles­terol, decreases fat stores, lowers insulin levels, increases lean-m­uscle mass, improves energy levels, contains anti-c­ancer agent.
Nuts (Almonds, macadamia, cashews, pecans)
Contains healthy omega fatty acids, less heart disease than those who stay away from them, lowers risk of heart attack by 50%, pecans control choles­terol levels.
Food with vibrant colour pigments
Prevents heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, full of potent antiox­idants.
Protects body, lowers blood pressure, lowers bad choles­terol, powerful anti-o­xidant, natural potent anti-b­iotic.


Vitamin E (100 units)
Antiox­idant, prevents stroke, cancer, heart disease.
Multi-­Vitamin Tablet
Prevent cancer, cardio­vas­cular disease, osteop­orosis.
Coenzyme Q10 (no more than 60mls)
Healthy heart, increased energy, found in every cell of body, powerful anti-o­xidant, helps cells produce more energy.
Pro-Bi­otics (Friendly bacteria)
Enhances immune response, decrease choles­terol, better digestion.
Selenium (essential trace-­min­eral)
Powerful anti-o­xidant, protect cells against free radicals, reduce risk of cancer.
Lecithin (powde­r/c­aps­ules)
Burns fat faster, protects cells from oxidation, provides liver support, lowers blood choles­terol, protects against heart attack & stroke.

Other Supple­ments

Apple-­Cider Vinegar
(Raw/O­rga­nic­/Un­dis­tilled) Provides body with potassium, enzymes & other vitamins for healthy digestive & circul­atory system, normalizes weight, improves digestion, removes toxins, relieves muscle stiffness, natural anti-b­iotic, helps keep skin, tissues and joints youthful, fights arthritis, removes crystals and toxins from joints, tissues and organs.
Grape Seed Extract
Powerful anti-o­xidant, neutralize free radicals, prevent cancer, heart disease, premature aging, look younger, live longer. 50 x more powerful than Vit E, 20 x more powerful than Vit C. Reduce skin aging, increase capillary strength, enhance cardio­vas­cular function, strengthen heart, stimulate hair growth, reduce bad choles­terol.


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