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Islam Cheat Sheet. This can be used for assessments on significant people, the Hajj, and sexual ethics.


His first contri­bution was to Islamic Theology - Kalam.
It was falling under the influence of Greek Philos­ophy, tarnishing the reputation and generating negative attitudes towards it.
Al- Ghazali openly criticized philos­ophers such as Aristotle in his book "the incohe­rence of the philos­oph­ers­".
Example Aristotle said that resurr­ection was a myth, but Ghazali said because Allah is all-po­werful, Allah created life and can also re-create it.
Ghazali’s critique was so successful that Greek philosophy never influenced Kalam again.

Ghazali became fascinated with Sufism. Sufism focuses on direct personal experi­ences with Allah as ways of becoming a more dedicated adherent.
A strong connection to the Sufi idea that knowledge could be gained through mystical discip­lines, that would bring him closer to Allah.
He then wrote his most famous text 'the revival of religious sciences' which refined and reshaped lots of Islamic teachings.

He used his influence to change people's opinions on education. 'Revival of Religious Experi­ences', Al-Ghazali emphasizes that education shouldn't be limited, but should be inclusive of all aspects of life.
He also explained the purpose of education and gaining knowledge is to assist man in achieving full happiness by achieving the closest possible relati­onship with Allah.


By contri­buting to Sufi teachings and creating the idea that mysticism should be combined with Sharia law. Widely acknow­ledged.
Ghazali was able to follow Shari’a and mysticism, to co-exist in Islam. He earned one of the greatest recogn­itions, as one of renewal of Islam.
Education, Al-Ghazali wrote the text ‘The REVIVAL OF THE RELIGIOUS SCIENCES’ emphasis on holistic education. Outlining - why and how
A wider discourse in education, his impact is reaching.
Still has an impact today because of his forwar­d-t­hinking nature and his work.

Sexual Ethics

Sexual Ethics
the sexual ethical teachings are a guide, so they don't do things that are morally wrong and disple­asing too God.
Male and female complement each other: “they are your garments and you are their garments” (Qur’an 2:187). Pre-ma­rital sex is considered wrong "­Har­am"
Reinforce the idea that sex is to be enjoyed within a marriage that has been sanctioned by Allah.

Islam is strongly pro-family and see children as a gift from God.
Muslims forbid sex outside of marriage, so contra­ception should be used within marriage with both consent of husband and wife.
Al-Ghazali argued that while abortion and infant­icide were crimes against a living being, contra­ception was different.
Al-Ghazali rejected some reasons for contra­cep­tives as object­ionable (Makruh).
Al-Ghazali supported the use of contra­cep­tives for protecting the dangers of childb­irth, preserve beauty, economic reasons (manag­eable size), and the well being of the children.
All forms of reversible contra­ception are permis­sible if consen­sual.

The Hajj

Is the last pillar of Islam which is fundam­ental and required in order to live out the Islamic beliefs.
Every Muslim must perform the Hajj at least once in their life unless they are physically unable to.
Muslims believe that the rites of the Hajj were designed by Allah to develop God-co­nsc­iou­sness and a sense of spiritual rebirth.
Muslims come together as one.
A spiritual, physical, and mental, Islamic adherent's ultimate goal is to purify the soul.
Spiritual rebirth allows adherents to live a more centered and observant life focused on consol­idating their relati­onship with Allah.
Hajj allows Islamic adherents to pivot their lives away from modern distra­ctions and reorient their focus to Allah and living a life where Islamic beliefs guide all actions and behaviors.
Al-Ghazali has also partic­ipated in the Hajj along with many other signif­icant people in the Islamic culture.


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