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Distin­gui­shing the differ­ences

refers to the entire human race or mankind
refers to man as a species "Homo sapien­s". Used in differ­ent­iating man and animal
refers to the person­ality of a human being, possesses self-a­war­eness, self-d­ete­rmi­nation, rational mind, and the capacity to interact with others and with himsel­f/h­erself.

Humans has two selves

Physical Self
Cognitive Self
something that can be seen in a person's physical appearance
something within but cannot be seen
essential features of the human way of life
beliefs, desires, dreams and intentions

Embodied Spirit

Refers to the union of the body and the spirit. The body is dependent on the soul and the soul is dependent on the body.


purely materi­al/­phy­sical being
thoughts, awareness, emotions, capacity to interact
Body + Spirit
Embodied Spirit

Three views of the human compos­ition

1. Unspirited Body View
2. Disemb­odied Spirit View
3. Embodied Spirit View

Unspirited Body

the person is just his/her body and nothing more. There is no soul, the body acts according to the biological processes and the patterns of behavior.

Disemb­odied Spirit

the man is composed of body and soul. the body and soul are seperate. The body cannot survive without the soul while the soul is immortal.
Plato has this kind of view. The nature of the human person is seen as the metaph­ysical dichotomy between the body and the soul
Dichotomy- it is the contra­diction between the body and the soul

Plato's View

He is a dualist, immaterial mind and material body.
Souls exist before birth and after death
The world of forms is where the soul stays after the death of the body

Division of the Soul


Three Parts of the Soul

Appetitive Soul
Physical urges of the body. Thirst, hunger, and other physical wants
Spiritual Soul
gives the human person motivation to do things, drives the emotion of a person
Rational Soul
the seat of the mind and respon­sible for thinking, compre­hend, reflect etc.

Embodied Spirit (Arist­otle)

there is no dichotomy between the soul and the body
Greek word psyche means soul or the principle of life.
The soul causes the body to live and the body is the form of the soul

3 levels of Soul

Vegetative Soul
grow, reproduce and feed itself
Sensitive Soul
grow, reproduce, feed and capable of sensation
Rational Soul
grow, reproduce, feed, can sense and think

Qualities of an Embodied Spirit

Interi­ority, a clear perception of oneself including thoughts, emotions, idendity and actions
the ability to choose own decisions and make their own choices
intera­ction with other human beings, animals or an inanimate object
the inherent value of a person and their import­ance. No amount of money can be equal to the life of a person


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