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the act of transf­erring inform­ation from one place, person or group to another

Commun­ication Process

Sender - Encoding - Message - Decoding - Receiver - Feedba­ck(back to sender)
Noise interf­ereres with the message

Commun­ication Terms

imagin­es,­creates and sends the message
stimulus or meaning produced by the source for the audience
the way in which the message travels between the source and receiver
the one who receives, analyzes and interprets the message.
response of the receiver from the message (inten­tional or not)
the atmosp­here, physical and pyscho­log­ical, where an individual sends and receives message.
anything that blocks or changes the intended message of the source
Encoding- the process of turning thoughts into commun­ica­tion. (done by source)
Decoding- the process of turning commun­ication into thoughts. (done by receiver)


the ability to identify, unders­tand, interpret, create, commun­icate and compute, using printed medias and written materials
a continuum of learning


a broad term about processed data, knowledge, derived from study, experi­ence, instru­ctions, signals and symbols


any physical objects used to commun­icate with or mass commun­ica­tions through physical objects.

Inform­ation Literacy

ability to recognize when inform­ation is needed, locate, evaluate and effect­ively commun­icate inform­ation.
ability to acquire relevant inform­ation and recognize essential details.

Media Literacy

the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media
able to discern what inform­ation is factual, truthful and relevant.

Technology Literacy

ability of an individual to respon­sibly, approp­riately and effect­ively use techno­logical tools.
using these tools, an individual can access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and commun­icate.

Pre Industrial Age(Before 1700)

Cave Paintings
Clay tablets in Mesopo­tamia
Papyrus in Egyp
Acta Diurna in Rome
Dibao in China
Codex in Mayans
Printing Press using wood blocks
Angono Petryo­glyps
written works using ink, different tools and various objects where inform­ation is written

Industrial Age(17­00-­1930)

Printing Press for mass production
Newspapers (The London Gazette)
Motion Picture photog­rap­hy/­pro­jection
Commercial Motion pictures
People used the power of steam and machines to manufa­cture various products.
Christ­opher Latham Sholes- father of modern typewriter
Johannes Gutten­berg- created printing press

Electronic Age(1930s to 1980s)

Transistor Radio
Large electronic Computer
Mainframe computers i.e IBM
OHP, LCD Projectors
harnessed the power of transi­stors that resulted in electronic transi­stors, early computers, radio etc.

New/In­for­mation Age

Web Browse­rs(­Mosaic, Internet Explorer, )
Social Network
Augmented/ Virtual Reality
Video Chat
Search Engines
Portable Comput­ers­/Sm­art­phones
Wearable technology
Cloud and Big data
advanced commun­cation with the use of internet, microe­lec­tronics resulted in inventions of personal computers, cellphones etc.

Types of Medias

Printed Media
any media consisting of paper and ink, reproduced in printing processes
Broadcast Media
the distri­bution of audio or video via electronic mass commun­ica­itons usually em waves. One to many model
Digital Media
content organized and distru­buted in digital platforms. Intera­ctive style

Media Conver­gence

When different medias combined together as one

Delivery Modes of different types of media

Live Streaming
share creation or idea in real time
room for training, seminars, lectures, discussion using online media
imagery, minimal text for reader to have a quick overview of concepts
electronic version of books
known as new radio


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