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A cheat sheet for reddit, including reddiquette, rules, post formatting and useful links.

Basic Markdown

You Type
You See
# Heading
Heading (very large)
## Heading
Heading (large)
### Heading
Heading (medium)
#### Heading
Heading (slightly enlarged)
***bold italic***
bold italic
(tab or 4 spaces)preformatted text
prefor­matted text
blah blah `inline code text` blah blah
blah blah
inline code text
blah blah
\*escape the formatting syntax\*
*escape the formatting syntax*
> A fine quote
| A fine quote
>!A Spoile­r!<
(Text is hidden until clicked.)

Reddit Rules

Don't spam.
NOT OK: Submitting only links to your blog or personal website.
OK: Submitting links from a variety of sites and sources.
OK: Submitting links from your own site, talking with redditors in the comments, and also submitting cool stuff from other sites.
NOT OK: Posting the same comment repeatedly in multiple subred­dits.
Don't ask for votes or engage in vote manipu­lation.
NOT OK: Buying votes or using services to vote.
OK: Sharing reddit links with your friends.
NOT OK: Sharing links with your friends or coworkers and asking them to vote.
NOT OK: Creating submis­sions such as "For every upvote I will ..." or "... please upvote this!", regardless of the cause.
Don't post personal inform­ation.
NOT OK: Posting a link to your friend's facebook profile.
OK: Posting your senator's publicly available contact inform­ation
NOT OK: Posting the full name, employer, or other real-life details of another redditor
OK: Posting a link to a public page maintained by a celebrity.
No child pornog­raphy or sexually suggestive content featuring minors.
Don't break the site or do anything that interferes with normal use of the site.
NOT OK: Creating programs that request inform­ation more than once every 2 seconds or violate any of our other API rules.
AWESOME: Respon­sibly reporting security issues to us.

Useful Reddit Links

Reddiq­uette Dos - General

Do adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.
Do when talking to someone you might want to ask yourself "­Would I say it to the person's face?"
Do read the reddiq­uette. Read it again every once in a while.
Do moderate based on quality, not opinion.
Do use proper grammar and spelling.
Do vote.
Do consider posting constr­uctive criticism / an explan­ation when you downvote something.
Do report any spam you find.
Do browse the new submis­sions page and vote on it.
Do actually read an article before you vote on it.
Do state your reason for any editing of posts.
Do use an "­Inn­ocent until proven guilty­" mentality.

Reddiq­uette Dos - Submis­sions

Do Read the rules of a community before making a submis­sion.
Do keep your submission titles factual and opinion free.
Do look for the original source of content, and submit that.
Do post to the most approp­riate community possible.
Do search for duplicates before posting.
Do link to the direct version of a media file when the page it was found on doesn't add any value.
Do link to canonical and persistent URLs where possible, not temporary pages that might disappear.
Do feel free to post links to your own content, within reason.
Do posts containing explicit material such as nudity, horrible injury etc, add NSFW.
Do read over your submission for mistakes before submit­ting.

Reddiq­uette Don'ts - General

Don't engage in illegal activity.
Don't post someone's personal inform­ation.
Don't repost delete­d/r­emoved inform­ation.
Don't be (inten­tio­nally) rude at all.
Don't follow those who are rabble rousing against another redditor without first invest­igating both sides of the issue that's being presented.
Don't ask people to Troll others on reddit, in real life, or on other blogs/­sites.
Don't conduct personal attacks on other commen­ters.
Don't start a flame war.
Don't insult others.
Don't troll.
Don't take moderation positions in a community where your profes­sion, employ­ment, or biases could pose a direct conflict of interest to the neutral and user driven nature of reddit.

Reddiq­uette Don'ts - Voting

Don't downvote an otherwise acceptable post because you don't personally like it.
Don't mass downvote someone else's posts.
Don't moderate a story based on your opinion of its source.
Don't upvote or downvote based just on the person that posted it.
Don't report posts just because you do not like them.

Reddiq­uette Don'ts - Promoting Posts

Don't hint at asking for votes.
Don't conduct polls using the title of your submission and/or votes.
Don't send out IMs, tweets, or any other message asking people to vote for your submis­sion.
Don't ask for upvotes in exchange for gifts or prizes.
Don't create mass downvote or upvote campaigns.

Reddiq­uette Don'ts - Submis­sions

Don't use the word "­BRE­AKI­NG" or other time sensitive words in your submis­sions.
Don't post hoaxes.
Don't flood reddit with a lot of stories in a short span of time.
Don't write titles in ALL CAPS.
Don't editor­ialize or sensat­ion­alize your submission title.
Don't linkjack stories: linking to stories via blog posts that add nothing extra.
Don't use link shorteners to post your content.

Reddiq­uette Don'ts - Comments

Don't make comments that lack content.
Don't announce your vote.
Don't complain about other users repost­ing­/re­hosting stories, images, videos, or any other content.
Don't complain about the votes you do or do not receive.
Don't complain about reposts. Just because you have seen it before doesn't mean everyone has.
Don't complain about cross posts.


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