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Basic of Proportion (Direct And Inverse). Answers to basic questions.

Inverse Proportion

Inverse proportion is when one value increases by a certain amount and the other value decreases by the same amount.

Inverse Proportion (Example)

Example 1
Example 2
Workers to time taken.
Animals to the number of days the food will last.
The more the workers, the less the time will be taken to complete the task
The more the animals, the less the number of days the food lasts.

Inverse Proportion (Formula)

Inverse Proportion (Videos)


Direct Proportion

Direct Proportion is when both values increase at the same rate.

Direst Proportion

Example 1:

The cost of the vegetables is directly propor­tional to weight.

The more the weight of the vegeta­bles, the more they will cost.

Example 2:

The number of pens is directly propor­tional to the price.

The more the number of pens, the more they cost.

Direct Proportion (Formula)

Direct Proportion (Videos)



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