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Math Cheat Sheet 2D Shapes (Area Formulas) Cheat Sheet by

Basic maths formulas for area of 2D shapes


A = l x w
A = Area
l = length
w = width (or base)


A = l²
A = Area
l = length


A = π r²
A = Area
r = radius


A = 0.5 x (π x r2)
A = Area
r = radius


c² = b² + a²
c = √c²
c = hypotenuse
a = leg 1
a² = c² - b²
a = √a²
b = leg 2
b² = c² - a²
b = √b²


A = h x b ÷ 2
A = Area
h = height
b = base


I hope this cheat sheet is useful and if it is, don't hesitate to comment!

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