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Tree Diagrams & Venn Diagrams

Tree Diagram

Tree Diagrams are a way o answer questions related to probab­ility, starting from the problem, 2 or more branches extend and 2 or more join each giving us a probab­ility tree.

For examples, watch the 4 minute vids.

Tree Diagram (Video)

Tree Diagram (Video) Credits

Credit for vids:

Video 1: Mashup math

Video 2: What's Up Dude

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams are another way of solving probab­ility questions which include 2 or more circles that intersect the middle is for both and the ones outward are not related.

Watch the videos for examples.


Venn Diagrams (video)

Venn Diagrams (video) Credits

Credits for Venn Diagram Vids:

Video 1: Joshua Emmanuel

Video 2: MATHRoberg


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