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Geometry Unit 9 Cheat Sheet by

Holt McDougal Geometry Chapter 10 & 11

Theorems & Postulates

area addition postulate
the area of a region is equal to the sum of the areas of its nonove­rla­pping parts


area of a parall­elogram
area = bh
area of a triangle
area = 1/2bh
area of a trapezoid
area = [(b1 + b2)h]/2
area of a rhombus or kite
area = 1/2d1d2
volume of a triangular prism
volume = base * height
volume of a rectan­gular prism
volume = length width height
volume of a cube
volume = edge length3
volume of a cylinder
volume = area of the base * height


composite figure
a figure made up of simple shapes, such as triangles, rectan­gles, trapez­oids, and circles
the flat surfaces of a 3D solid
a segment that is the inters­ection of two faces
a point of inters­ection of three or more faces
formed by two parallel congruent polygonal faces called bases connected by faces that are parall­elo­grams
formed by two parallel congruent circular bases and a curved surface that connects the bases
formed by a polygonal base and triangular faces that meet at a common vertex
formed by a circular base and a curved surface that connects the base to a vertex
a prism with six square faces
a diagram of the surfaces of a 3D figure that can be folded to form the 3D figure
cross section
the inters­ection of a 3D figure and a plane
the number of nonove­rla­pping unit cubes of a given size that will exactly fill the interior

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