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Satraps were governors of provinces of ancient Achaemenid and Seleucid empires. The satrapies was the name of those provinces.
Shahanshah is the name of the "king of kings" to Persian emperors.
Theraveda Buddhism
This is the more conser­vative sect of buddhism that is more concerned with personal enligh­tenment through analysis and applic­ation of philosophy in personal life.
Mahayana Buddhism
This is considered the more liberal sect of buddhism because there is an acknow­led­gement and concern for the enligh­tenment of all people and living things.
A boddhistva is a person able to reach nirvana but sacrifices that in order to teach others how to reach it. In order to save other suffering beings.
Chandr­agupta Maurya
He was the founder of the Maurya empire in India around 320bce.
Struggle of the Orders
494-28­7bce; This was a struggle between the plebian and patrician classes. Laws were put in place that suppressed the Plebian class, and the struggle to gain equality would last over 200 years.
In 494bce, tribunes were elected official that helped protect the interest of the plebian class.
Punic Wars
264-14­6bce; Punic Wars were between Cartha­ngian empire and the Roman empire. Rome defeated Carthage and gained control over the western and eastern halves of the Medite­rra­nean.
These were great estates that were agricu­ltu­rally important because they specia­lized in growing crops, such as olives and grain, that would be exported.
Gracchi bros.
The Gracchi brothers were Tiberius and Gaius who were both politi­cians that repres­ented the plebian class and reformed the sociop­oli­tical state of the plebian class in the 2nd century BCE.
They were aristo­crats that relied on the people's assemblies in order to acquire political power.
In 136bce to 86 ce, Marius was a military leader that made military reform­ation in Rome that allowed it to have the strongest military to date. He allowed poor citizens to join the army, and had the government pay for their military equipment.
Julius Caesar
100bce­-44bce, Julius Caesar was a Roman dictator that helped formed the First Triumv­arate,
This was a form of absolute power given to a citizen to control the military or govern­mental entity.
From 27bce-­14ce, Octavian inherited the empire after the death of Julius Caesar. Him and Mark Antony ruled together, but it was only him after he assasi­nated Antony. He also fought to kill Caesar's assassins.
pax Romana
This was a 200 year long period where there was sustained inner hegemonial peace and stability.
284-305ce; This emperor ended the period known as the 3rd Century Crisis. He persecuted Christians and forced the polyth­eistic religious state of Rome.
306ce-­337ce; Consta­ntine was the first emperor to change the empire's religion to Christ­ianity. He protected Christians with the Edict of Milan.
Edict of Milan
IN 313 bce, the Edict of Milan was enforced by Consta­ntine that granted the protection and benevolent treatment of Christians in the empire.
3rd Century BCE Crisis
This was the period where Rome nearly collapsed to due invasions, civil war, plague and economic depres­sion.
Germanic barbarians and their invasions
Paul of Tarsus
Paul was an apostle of Christ that spread the word of God throughout the Roman Empire. He was a Roman persecutor and was determined to persecute Jesus' disciples before his conversion to Christ­ianity.
Arian Christ­ianity
Council of Nicaea
st. Augustine of Hippo
354-430ce, he was a highly­-re­graded catholic theologian that helped develop Western Christ­ianity as it is today.
Former Han Dynasty
They converted Qin policies of centra­liz­ation and tax policies on agricu­lture, trad and manufa­ctu­ring. The fiscal innova­tions of the Han are the lottery and the government monopolies on the sale of salt, iron and liquor.
Later Han Dynasty
Qin Shihuandi
Qin Dynasty


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