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Dungeon: Theatre of Pain Cheat Sheet by

A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Theatre of Pain" in Maldraxxus.


Ancient Captain
Buffs the damage of his allies, also casts a [Demor­alizing Shout] which reduces players' damage so kick that. Want to get rid of this guy quick.
Blighted Sledge Spewer
Does a cast [Withering Discharge] which does dangerous AoE damage and should be kicked.

If have you spare kicks, it also casts a [Decaying Filth] ability that puts a disease on the target.
Bone Magus
Has a 1-shot mechanic called [Bone Spear] which needs to be interr­upted.
Diseased horror
Do a channeled cast called [Meat Shield] every 15 seconds which adds to their health each tick. Interrupt.
Maniacal Soulbinder
Mainly just need to interrupt [Necrotic Bolt Volley]. It will also cast individual necrotic bolts which can be interr­upted if you have extra interr­upts.
Nefarious Darksp­eaker
Will summon a tornado that shoots out and will knock players hit off the platform. Just watch out.
Raging Bloodhorn
Does a channeled ability called [Raging Tantrum] that does AoE to the party. However, it is considered an enrage ability, so it can be soothed as soon as he start channeling it to stop it.
Rancid Gasbag
Does toxic gas both in front and behind him period­ically [Vile Eruption], so watch your positi­oning.
Shackled Soul
Channels [Bind Soul] on random party members which is a slow and some single target damage. Can be dangerous if you pull all of them unless you have some AoE interr­upt­s/stuns and Freedom or leaps to get to LOS.
Unyielding Contender
Do a fast (0.3s) un-int­err­uptable enrage cast called [Death Wish] which causes them to do 20% more damage, but also take 20% more damage. So expect high tank damage when facing these or else soothe them.

Boss: Affront of Challe­ngers

Is a council style fight with 4 bosses:
- Dessia the Decapitator
- Paceran the Virulent
- Sathel the Accursed
- Xira the Underhanded
Whenever each boss hits 40% health, they gain a shield for 30% of their health.
- One of the shields is purge-able (Dessia?).
- The shields time out after 30s.
After finishing this fight and dropping down, you have 3 wings you can go into (so variable order).

Affront: Sathel

Does a nasty ability called [Searing Death] which puts a DoT on a player. The DoT has a small AoE (3 yards) but mainly just hits hard. Need to interrupt it from being cast.
Puts a buff on one of the other bosses causing that boss to get healed anytime Sathel deals damage (is purge-­able).

Affront: Dessia

Has a slam that hits the nearest target, so the tank needs to make sure it lands on them by staying near.
When Dessia gets the 30% shield she will Enrage, slowing her movement speed, but causing her to fixate random players.
When rage bar hits 100% will [Mortal Strike] the tank reducing healing on the tank by 30% for 10s.

Affront: Paceran

Causes players to spawn toxic pools under their feet period­ically. At low health, this will happen under players' feet every 8 seconds.

Affront: Xira

Unstealths and stuns a targeted player for 10 seconds. This stun can be interr­upted by stunni­ng/­dis­placing Xira.

Boss: Xav the Unfallen

Does a [Brutal Combo] on the tank that just does increasing physical damage over 3 back-t­o-back hits.
Puts down banners that need to be killed ASAP. It has a ramping slow, that will cause players to get hit by the boss' other abilites.
The boss does a bunch of choreo­graphed strikes that require players to get on a specific side of the room or out of melee range.
Note: The AoE that requires players run out from the boss [Deafening Crash] also interrupts casts when it goes off, so casters will need to stop casting.
The boss will send two DPS down to an arena to fight. The winner gets a 10% damage buff.
- Actually fighting is a waste of time, just have one DPS sit there and lose so they can both get back faster to the hav main fight.
- The players will be healed when the duel is done.

Boss: Gorechop

Does high tank damage via an ability called [Hateful Strike]
The boss will suck everyone into melee range right before players need to dodge through moving hooks.
^ Position the boss close, but not too close, to where you want to dodge to (since you'll need to run out of the boss' AoE while also dodging the chains)
Adds will need to be picked up by tank.

Boss: Kul'tharok

Good boss for Lust - is hardest boss.
Will put a hard hitting DoT on random players.
When a player gets targeted with [Drain Soul] they need to go stand in the grasping hands to keep their soul in their bodies. If they don't get in hands, then they will need to catch their soul or get MC'ed.

Boss: Mordretha

To get to boss you need to click the portal in the center room after defeating all 3 wings.
Boss will do a sweeping beam attack called [Dark Devast­ation] so be ready to dodge by running partially around him.
A rift will spawn and start dragging all players towards it... obviously avoid getting sucked in.
Players will get marked with circles that do AoE (indicated by the circle size) when they blow up, and will spawn an add.
In phase 2 (below 50% health) the boss will summon ghosts.
- The first set just need to be avoided wherever they are in the area.
- The second set charge across the arena and you need to really watch out not to get hit.

Necrolord Bonus

The necrolord covenant bonus is these banners which can be found in each wing. It gives like 5% versat­ility for 10 minutes or something.

Necrolord Banner



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