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Physical Science Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

studying sheet for finals

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Essentials for science

Essential Notes
The three major catagories of science are:
-Life science
-earth science
-Physical Scienc­e(s­tudies matter and energy)
Lab Safety
-make sure you are following all of the commmon sense lab safety rules some of these may be:
-listening to the instructor and read the procedure
-Keep food and drinks outside of the lab{{nl}] -No horseplay
A CER is a statement on a certain opinion on a subject and you're trying to support it with Evidence and reasoning
-C is for claim: answers the original question
-E is for Evidence: data to support the claim
-R is for reasoning: it explains and proves your thinking
things to keep in mind about conversions:
-Mass is how much matter is in an object
- density is how much mass per volume there is in a material
--Its found by dividing the objects mass and volume
---density measur­ements are one gram per cubic centimeter
-volume is the amount of space occupied by an object

Atoms, Atoms Everywhere

basic parts of an atom
the nucleus has a positive charge
-protons have a positive charge
-nuetrons have a nuetral charge
-electrons have a negative charge
-energy levels: the rings around the nucleus
Bohr Model
energy level:
-first one: holds up to 2
-second electron hold up to 8
-third electron holds up to 16
finding Isotopes
electron arrang­ements
electrons organized